Kitchen for us is a place where all the healthy and tasty food is prepared. From that food we get energy and nutrients to perform our day-to-day activity. But the role of cookhouse doesn’t end here.

We always posses a doubt in mind “Why it is needful to have a Vastu compliant house?

Kitchen in house represents Fire element. Lord Agni also called as Fire God has the capability to varnish all the negative energies. In Hindu astrology he is known as the protector of humanity.

A well constructed and Vastu compliant kitchen pleases Lord Agni and brings his blessing in house.

Therefore, to avoid health problems, monetary losses and family disputes the kitchen should be set up according to Vastu Shastra.

Talk to astrologer on call to know, whether your kitchen own Vastu elements or not?

Since we are aware about the importance of Vastu friendly kitchen, it is time for us to get the Vastu tips for kitchen. Let’s have look at them.

• Direction of Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Lord Agni prevails in the south-east direction, so to gratify him we should construct the kitchen in South-east direction. All the elements of fire are governed from this south-eastern corner.

But if due to difficulties we are unable to establish in this direction than we can go for north-west location.

• Positioning of fire-articles in Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra

From above mentioned point we get to know that direction of Lord Agni is south east. So, all the objects in the Kitchen which represents Fire like Gas stove, Cylinders, must be placed in the south-east corner of kitchen.

Also to gain positive energies we must face east direction while cooking.

• Color Options for Kitchen in the opinion of Vastu Shastra

Vastu expert Dr. MadanS says that “a kitchen must be painted with warm and bright colors like orange, red, yellow, Rose red, and chocolate brown color to gain prosperity.

Dark colors attract negative energies. Chat with astrologer online free to know which the best color option for your kitchen is.

• Water connection for kitchen in accordance with Vastu

Placements of all the water elements like, water vessels, sink, taps, and water pipes must be in north-east or the northern direction of Kitchen.

All these elements indicate water flow and they should be kept away from fire elements as these both repulse each other.

Placing them nearby can cause family disputes.

• Kitchen electrical fittings according to Vastu

Many electrical fittings are made in Kitchen like Microwave, oven, induction gas, and others. We should ensure that such electrical appliances which generate heat should be positioned in south-east or south location and articles like refrigerator must be put down south-west direction.
Also refrigerator must be allocated at least a foot above from the floor on a stand to maintain a peaceful environment in the house.

• Flooring and for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

It is suggested by astrologer in India to use ceramic tiles and marble for the flooring. Mosaic tiles can also be considered but after online astrologer talk.

Shades for flooring must be neutral with options such as white, pale light brown and so on.
It’s better to prevent and prepare, rather than repent and repair.

Following the above-mentioned suggestion for Vastu-friendly kitchen will surely bring a big and positive change in our lives.

In case you need any more assistance regarding Vastu tips for kitchen you can get free online astrology consultancy.