We all love buying a new car, why won’t we? Cars have become a part of modern luxury. Traditionally, the first thing we do after buying a new car is to take it to the temple and do its pooja, this is done so that we stay safe on the road while driving. You can get the best pooja service from acharya Dev R.

Pooja is important, but parking our car in a positive environment is as much necessary as pooja for its good health and safety. Even though a car is a form of modern tradition and it was not there in ancient times, but Vastu sashtra has always been there, even though it has evolved much over the years, its power and belief is still here.

So today our Vastu Astrologer Dr. Madan S is giving you some Vastu tips for car parking and garage building or you to have safe trips.

Vastu Tips: Car Parking

Parking direction: As per Vastu Sashtra, the perfect location for parking your car or a shed is in the southwest direction. You should avoid parking in the northeast direction as parking there would block the heavenly forces and your car will face risk from fire.

In case you have no option left, but to build your garage in the northeast, then make sure that the south and west walls are solid and that the parking area has a slump. You did this right and still, your car faced a hazard, Talk to Astrologer on Call and know why it happened?

Entrance and pathway: – You should make your parking entrance from the east or south direction. If for some reason you have to build it in the northeast direction then you should make sure that the pathway is comfortably connected to your home, as improper or lack of connectivity can cause disturbances. For Vastu tips for home, entrance you can check out these Home entrance muhurat 2021.

Keeping space around the shed: – You should keep adequate space between your car and your home, this is required for free flow of energy and avoid the collection of negative energy. Your ideal direction would be southeast for that, but you should make sure that there is enough space between your car and the east wall.

Keeping big cars in good health: – If you own a big car, such as a sports car, you know its true value. For its good health, you should park it in the southwest direction, with the car facing south-east. This way you won’t have to frequently take it to the garage for repairing and your car will have a healthy and long life.

Some more Vastu tips for car parking

For you to get rid of the dosh in the southeast corner plot our Astrologer Acharya Hemant recommends you to use light colors such as white, blue, and yellow as such colors attract positivity and repel negative energies from your house. You should also know that Vastu does not allow the use of colors such as grey and black for parking space, no matter the direction.

If you have less space, it becomes impossible for you to allot a whole outdoor section for the garage. In case you have a small south-west corner plot, it is recommended to build a porch in the northeast direction for parking. Constructing a pillar around it with a cantilever roof would be ideal. If you want a door, you should make sure that it is built in the north or east direction.