India is a country of diverse cultures, festivals, and gods. One of our most worshipped gods is Vishnu who is the organizer among the tridev or 3 gods, he has taken many incarnations to teach us about dharma and destroy evil.

One of his avatars is the Vamana avatar, in this 5th avatar Lord Vishnu came as a dwarf to help Indra who was afraid that the demon King Bali would take over his Indrasan, even though Bali was a good king, it was his bad luck that he was born in the demon clan. 

When Bali was doing Havan and giving charity, Lord Vishnu asked for the land he can cover in 3 steps, Bali agreed. In 1 step he took the earth in the second step he took heaven, so there was nothing left for the 3rd step, thus Bali offered to step on his head, impressed by his devotion, Lord Vishnu sent him to hell and made him the king of it.

To praise Vamana Avatar and get lord Vishnu’s blessings, we observe Varuthini Vrat, every year on the Vishakha month during Krishna Paksha on Ekadashi as per the Hindu calendar. Today, we at Astrologer take delight to share with you the legend, significance, importance, and puja to be done on Varuthini Vrat.

Legend of Varuthini Vrat

There have been various legends in our Puranas about this Vrat. We are going to tell you two such interesting stories about this festival.

The Hindu mythology states that once Lord Shiva got angry and beheaded Lord Brahma’s 5th head and was cursed for it, however when he observed Varuthini Vrat and its rituals, he was forgiven. We believe that devotees of Lord Vishnu also get similar fruits by following fast on this day as equivalent to a thousand years of penance.

Another legend says that Arjuna once asked Lord Shree Krishna to tell him the story of Varuthini Vrat. Lord Krishna narrated that a charitable and priestly king named Mandhata ruled on the banks of the river Narmada.

Once when he was meditating, a bear came and started chewing on his leg, it even dragged him into the forest which made him anxious, but he abided by the sacred rules of Tapasya and calmly prayed to Lord Vishnu who answered his prayers and killed the bear, but the damage was done which made him upset. Lord Vishnu told him to worship his idol in Vamana avatar in Mathura and do the Varuthini Vrat to heal his leg. 

The god also told him that his damaged leg was the result of his sins in his previous birth. With the lord’s guidance, the king followed the fast with devotion, and his leg was cured.

Significance and importance of the Vrat

We believe that you can change your bad luck and attain deliverance by following Varuthini Vrat with proper devotion and rituals. You also attain prosperity, wealth, and good luck by keeping fast on Varuthini Ekadashi. You can get blessings from your ancestors and deities by doing generous charity and donations.

This Vrat is very beneficial for you. It is believed in the Hindu religion that doing Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat is more fruitful than donating alms to Brahmins, meditating for a million years, and the blessings from Kanyadan. By fasting on this day, you will please lord Vishnu, your sufferings will end and your fortune will increase.

Varuthini Vrat puja

Before fasting on this day, you are required to first follow the rules of Brahmacharya Vrat. You should avoid the influence of bad people and then perform the following rituals.

  1. The day before Ekadashi, you should eat food only one time.
  2. On Ekadashi, you are required to firmly take a resolution on fasting. After taking a morning bath you should pray to Lord Vishnu.
  3. During the fast, you should not eat oily food.
  4. You should accept any food offering, honey gram, and lentils from another person.
  5. You must not eat in a bronze pot and should only eat once during the fast.
  6. You should perform Jagrans during the night.
  7. You should not tell lies and not get angry.

Every year on Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha, we keep Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat to get Lord Vishnu’s blessings, remove bad luck from our lives and get good luck. We hope that this year your Vrat is fruitful. Wishing you all a great life ahead.