Generally, you are told by the astrologers that there are negative Doshas in your horoscope. But do you know what it actually means?

Doshas in astrology is a combination of unfavorable planets which brings bad lucks and misfortune to your life. But there’s not something to scare about.

Negative Doshas is all about wrong placements of planets in birth chart, but with help of astrology one can transform negative blemishes into positive Yogas which mean great fortune by karma correction.

Most of you will be having some misconceptions. So, before I tell the secrets to convert your negative Doshas into positive deeds eliminate all those false opinions first.

• Most of the people believe their negative Doshas cannot be exempted from their horoscope. But that’s not true. With the Karma correction one can bring good fortune.

• Anyone can have negative Doshas in horoscope. And it depends on the native to activate or deactivate it.

• Your past life is also responsible for present negative or positive fortune.

• Negative Doshas must be reversed by positive karma. If you suppress negativity it will come to your life in more critical way.

After you are exempted from all the misconceptions, have a close look at all the Doshas which are also known as Yogas and learn know how you can convert it in good fortune –

• Daridra Yoga

Daridra yoga indicates poverty. This is created when lord of 2nd or 11th house enters Trik house i.e. 6th, 8th or 12th house. This yoga can turn even richest man into beggar. The person faces major financial crunch and suffers great loss of wealth.

Remedies: Worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu with a devout heart. Donate food and essential articles to needy people.

• Grahan Yoga

In English ‘Garhan’ means eclipse. When eclipse happens, it creates darkness. Grahan Yoga is formed when Sun and Moon gets blemished by rahu and ketu. This brings darkness in person’s life and he suffers from health issues, delay in marriage and bad relations with partner.

Remedies: Worship Lord Shiva and Hanuman. Chant “hanuman Chalisa’. Avoid salt on Sunday and offer water to sun every early morning.

• Guru Chandal Yoga

Planet Jupiter is known as Guru which rules wisdom, knowledge, territory, wealth. This yoga takes place when Guru combines with rahu and ketu. Natives suffer from lack of knowledge and suffer from poverty.

Remedies: Feed Grass to cow and help poor people. Perform Pooja for both rahu and ketu.

• Kaal Sarp Dosha

Most nefarious planetary combinations cause Kaal Sarp Dosh. This Dosha sucks all the positivity. Natives suffer from unwanted loss, sorrows, debts, health issues and struggles.

Remedies: Don’t kill snakes and reptiles. Chanting ‘Gaytri mantra’ and ‘Om Namashivaya’ will create positivity around you.

• Mangal Dosha

This is also known as Kuja Dosha. This brings unnecessary disputes between husband and wife and one suffers from health issues. It creates deficiency of wealth.

Remedies: Keep fast on Tuesday and eat only toor daal. Effect of mangal dosha can be neutrarilzed by Kumbha Vivah.

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