Many people go through their most challenging times during the Dashas of the planets Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. These are Tamasic (mode of ignorance) planets that deliver very harsh karmic results. The maximum number of people visit the astrologers, chat with Astrologer or talk with Astrologer during the period of these planets only. Since the results are unexpected, sometimes sudden, and beyond comprehension, it creates much turmoil, sadness, and disappointments in the individuals’ lives. They can turn the situation upsidedown either better or for worse. Although the Rahu and Ketu are not planets, they have an extreme say in Astrology. Twenty-five years of Vimsotri Dasha granted to them from a cycle of 120 years is in itself proof that how important these points are.

All the above planets can be good also, but they are commonly famous for providing extremely adverse results. Each planet gives results differently. Let us take Shani. Shani represents Labor. If someone Chart doesn’t have a good Shani, Shani will make him do much Labor and hard work and make his turmoil for very small things. Shani would not let that person even have a breather. One way or another, Shani would ensure that the individual does not get proper rest, giving the individuals high stress and mental pressure. Shani may take a person to frequent hospital visits also.

Rahu is an illusion. If it is not good in the Chart, it will fill individuals with all the unrealistic and unwanted imaginary thoughts. The person creates a fearful world of his own, where even a few minimal incidences would create much panic among the individual. The individual becomes a quivering piece of flesh and does not know what he is doing since the unrealistic things will appear to him to be real. He may get ditched frequently, get heartbreaks, and success is tough to achieve. Many times, the work gets spoilt at the very end moments. If associated with Shani or Mercury, Rahu may also create mental or nervous disorders during this period.

Ketu is a spiritual planet. A badly placed Ketu shows the person’s disinclination towards the spiritual things. A period of Ketu for such an individual would be such which would force him to visit the temple and beg to god. These planets are Ego crushers, but Ketu can be said to be the swiftest of all. Its results are very swift and unimagined. It can be in the form of sudden disease, an accident, a sudden huge financial loss. The Ketu would take the person than with folded hands to the temple.

During the period of these planets, a person should take utmost precautions and try to do remedies immediately whenever possible. During these planet periods, a person, as a rule, shall avoid the Black color as much as possible. A person should try to visit the temples, especially during the Ketu period; otherwise, as said, Ketu in some way or other would drag you to the temple. During the Shani or Rahu periods, you can also start throwing a dry coconut in flowing water continuously ten Saturdays. The beej mantras relating to these planets should also be chanted during their periods.

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