Palmistry, also known as palm reading, is simply amazing; a palm reader can just tell your future by looking at your palm and also predict other things related to your life.

Astrology on the other hand is the science of predicting future events by looking at the stars, planets like Mercury transit to Aquarius- calculate wisely and constellations.

So now you must be wondering, how can these two be connected? If so then you have come to the right place, today astrolozer will brief you on palmistry and tell you the connection between the two ancient sciences.

The lines in palmistry

A palm reader looks at the lines in your palms and predicts your future regarding health, love, finances, etc, a palmist can accurately predict all those things because each line has a different significance. You can get the best and most accurate palm reading at astrolozer.

• The life line is a major line in your palm that indicates your health, and the path that you will take in your life.

• The head line is another major line that indicates your intelligence, intuition, and strength.

• The heart line is the last major line that reveals, how you handle emotions.

• The relationship line is a minor line that indicates your commitment level to anything.

• The fate line is the second minor line that indicates what things will affect your life path.

• The health line is a minor line related to the life line that reveals, how you cure other people’s emotional issues.

• The simian line occurs when your heart and head line connect, having these lines mean that you have a controlling personality.

• The bracelet line doesn’t appear on your palm but it is still a part of palmistry that reveals the balance between your spiritual, mental, and physical self.

Now that you know a little bit about palmistry, the next section will tell you how astrology and palmistry are connected.

Astrology and palmistry

An Astrologer analyzes the good and bad energies of the planets in your birth chart by picking the planetary positions at the time of your birth; this information is called your horoscope.

Palmists on the other hand create your horoscope by looking at your palm. It can also be said that your palm contains a built-in horoscope.

Keeping the above-given information in mind, the expert palmists and Astrologers in India, tried building a person’s horoscope from palm lines. Some other experts tried to describe the palm lines of a person by looking at his horoscope. These experts are called Astro-palmists. Astro palmistry is referred to as the astrology part which directly follows palmistry.

Astro palmists can figure out your zodiac sign and planetary positions in your chart by your palm lines. An ancient book known as the Lal Kitab contains chapters that link astrology and palmistry.

Astropalmistry general points

These points about planets (add the link to Understanding Saturn transits through each house in your chart) are understood from observing your palm.

• If a planet’s mount in your palm is high and well developed that means that planet is in its own house. If it’s underdeveloped and low then that planet would be weak.

• Finding favorable markings on a planet’s mount such as triangle, trident, etc, means that it’s receiving good aspects from other planets.

• Finding unfavorable markings such as an island, grille, etc means that it’s receiving bad aspects from other planets.

• Generally, our Astrolozer will be able to see a connecting line between two planets where there is a conjunction.

• The fate line represents your 10th house, which shows your profession and earnings.

• Chained formation in the life line, head line, and heart line can be found when Rahu and Ketu afflict your life. This is according to Vedic astrology. You can get your Free Vedic Astrology Report now.