The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is a dreaded combination in astrology and one of the most fearful. This conjunction is also known as Pishaach yoga in Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology. This conjunction leads to the high concentration of Black energies in one place. Saturn and Rahu are both associated with black color, and their meeting intensifies black in one place.

Black is associated with Black magic, which also indicates dark evil forces against a person at a level. The person with such types of the combination is prone to black magic and the evil eye. This combination denoted some negativity in a person’s life, which would not let them be happy despite having all the resources at the disposal. This combination is particularly harmful when this combination is in the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 12th house. The conjunction within the 7 degrees will give significant negative results, whereas any distance in the degrees reduces its harmful effects.

Saturn is the Karaka for Labour as well as Construction. This combination is mainly activated when a person starts some construction. The person shall be careful to take all the precautions while doing some new construction. This combination’s indications would also present with some casualty happening with the Labour at the construction site. A person getting the construction done shall take by all means shall take care of its Labour and not to treat them negatively. If it is not duly taken care of, then it may lead to much sadness, disease, accidents, financial losses, litigations, and other unwanted situations.

The source of the dark energy can be known from the house where such a combination is present. Its presence in Lagna or 1st house means that the person somewhere is himself responsible for attracting such black energies. Its presence in the Second house denotes someone from a family using the black magic of the Native. As stated, this combination is particularly dangerous in few houses. In the 4th house, it is present at heart (Manah) place of the Native. This makes the native highly confused and dilemma. He would sometimes behave like he is crazy and would become very indecisive regarding his decisions. It would lead to a person becoming very impatient and restless. Similarly, in 6th, 8th, and 12th, it can give native which can significantly affect the happiness and peace of the Native.

The remedies which are a native can use is to avoid the black color. Native shall wear as much as possible the colors in the shades of light like Yellow, White, etc. The Native shall avoid Non-vegetarian and other food and drinks in the Mode of Ignorance (Tamsik) food. The Native shall also avoid the use of Leather items but rather think of donating the same. The Native shall not bring these items to his home instead, only pay for such items. The Native can also use another remedy to throw ten dry coconut and ten almonds for ten consecutive days in the flowing river and which is highly beneficial.