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Cure Depression with these Astrological Tips

Someone rightfully said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, thus you need to have good health, physically as well as mentally. In the modern era though, depression has become common, especially among teenagers and young adults. Depression can lead to other health issues and is the main cause of suicide. But like

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Mangal Dosh: Hidden Reason Behind Couples Fighting

According to Vedic astrology, dosh means a negative effect or an effect that can cause problems in your life. Mangal is Mars. Placement of Mars in an inauspicious manner in your chart results in Mangal dosh, in our astrology, it is also known as Kuja dosha, Sumangalik dosh, Angaraka dosha, and Bhom  dosha. Persons suffering

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Kaal Sarp Dosh: Effects and Astrological Remedies

According to our astrology, we get affected strongly by hurdles and obstacles from time to time. This ruins our happiness and can frustrate us, but did you wonder why such things occur in our lives? Astrologically, this is because of some or other dosh in our Kundli. Astrologers have calculated remedies for all the dosh, you

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Numerology Number 9: All You Need to Know

Numerology is the branch of astrology that relies on numbers and mathematics. A specialized Astrologer called a numerologist will use a number chart to predict your future and real self. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, ideas, or names. There are a total of 9 root numbers and more complex numbers in numerology. Today

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Rahu Mahadasha: Negative Impacts and Astrological Remedies

Did you ever wonder, why in some years of your life, everything goes wrong in your life? This can be because of Rahu Mahadasha.    There are 9 planets in our Hindu mythology and Vedic astrology, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Since Rahu and Ketu don’t have a physical form, both are known as

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Astrological Remedies to Please Rahu and Ketu

According to Hindu astrology, planets play a very important role to shape our life. Different planetary combinations and their placements in various houses are studied to find future prospective which can show both results destructive or favorable. Some planets are beneficial and bring good results for us, while some are malefic which are thought to

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