As some of you may know, numerology is the science with numbers that can predict a person’s love life, career life, and much more, it’s unbelievably amazing how numerologists can predict a lot about a person’s future with just the help of a number chart, get yours with Talk to Astrologer Online feature of Astrolozer.

Numerology consists of the numbers 1 to 8 each containing a unique significance on the future of a person.

Today we are going to talk about the significance of number 1 in numerology regarding the various aspects of a person’s life.

The significance of number 1

It represents the sun; the people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month will be affected by this number.

In life path: – You are a workaholic and a type-A personality, you have the passion for climbing unreachable goals just don’t get carried away and you will be fine.

In personality: – You have an original, master, individual, creator, leader, pioneer dominance and the beginning as the personality traits in your tarot, you give importance to self, you can do wonders if you have put your mind in something removing all the obstacles in your way, you will be an asset to your team because of your hard-working nature.

In destiny & expression: – Having the no 1 represents a new cycle in your spiritual life, you will have the desire for independence and will strive to be a leader, but you will need friends to advise you about the right time to act but you may not like that advice, however, on the other hand, persons having the number 1 will easily find money and will have no issues enjoying it.

In heart’s desire & soul’s calling: – You will likely join politics or the army because you love freedom as a 1 person, but at the same time you will not like to take orders and would like to be the one ordering instead, you have a lot of fire within you that can translate into creative thoughts leading towards your success.

In compatibility: – You should consider a partner with a number 3 or 5 because of you being the most challenging partner, being very light-hearted, a life partner with no 3 will handle your serious nature very well, while a companion with no 5 being adventurous will love to assist you in your next venture.

In career path: – You will feel really comfortable and happy as a self-employed person because you like to answer to no one, jobs such as military leadership, business head, law enforcement, entrepreneur or politics are the most suitable jobs for you.

In metaphysical association: – Your healing crystals include Angelite, apache tears, aquamarine, bronzite, moss agate, seraphinite, sunstone, and smoky quartz, your planets are mars and mercury, your zodiac sign is Leo, according to the tarot you will have success in work and love.