The Shani’s Sade Sati periods concept is very fearful for the general public. When an astrologer tells a person that his Sade Sati or Saturn’s Transit period is about to begin, people become very much afraid. But is the Sade Sati is really to be scared?

We would try to decode what precisely the Sade Sati is and what it can do through this article. To understand, whenever Saturn passes through the 12, 1, and 2 house from the Moon sign of a native, the Native is in Sade Sati. There are dhaiyas(two and half year transit) of Shani also, which is when the Saturn transits through 4 and 8 from the Moon Sign. So literally, we can say that a person’s life is around 42% influenced by Saturn’s Sade Sati or Dhaiyas in one way or another. So that should mean if it is so dreaded, a native should suffer for approximately half of his life. But this is not the case, and many persons descend to a very positive level in life. So how a Sade Sati would turn out to a person?

It is challenging to conclude as to how a Sade Sati would turn out for a person. Through experience, it has been seen that Shani Sade Sati’s results do not correspond to its friendliness with the Lagna or the Moon Sign. It can give terrible results for a friendly sign and Vice-versa. So, what are the hints that can explain how Sade Sati would turn out to be? We would try to decode it.

As everyone knows, Saturn’s planet represents honesty and Labour, and Saturn like the person who toils for their aspirations and future with honesty and not the casual or lazy persons. So we can say that Saturn will, during the Sade Sati, give results according to the people’s Karmas. The natives who have been honest and hardworking in their approach would definitely reap good results during the Sade Sati phase, as Saturn is the planet of Judgement also. Whenever Saturn passes through the transit, it would give good results in the fields where Native toiled, irrespective of the Chart’s planet’s placement. If the Native concentrates his energies on bad things, it could be a disastrous period for him.

There are telltale signs that can for sure tell you if the Sade Sati period would be good or bad for a person. If the person becomes hardworking and laborious during the Sade Sati period, it can be concluded that the person’s Sade Sati would give him much benefit. However, if a person chooses the wrong track and becomes involved in life’s pleasures and forgetting his duties, you can be sure that person would suffer much during the Sade Sati period. However, one thing is for sure for all the Natives that it puts Mental pressure on all. It could be very positive for some, as the pressure to succeed and for some could be due to failures and disappointments met in life.

To some extent, it is in everyone’s hands to make Sade Sati’s period either Favourable or distressful to them. There had been the people who rose to ultimate power during the Sade Sati periods, such as Mr. Narendra Modi, MS Dhoni, etc., who continued to work hard and fulfill their commitments and duties the Saturn gave them excellent results, and there had been people who never recovered from the Saturn’s blows.

If you can foresee from a Kundali how hardworking and focused a person is, you can somehow deduce how his Sade Sati will be. After reading this article, we are sure that you won’t dread the Sade Sati period but would like to make the most of it.

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