The study of Vedic astrology includes 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses. Every element has its own meaning. Planets in astrology define the inner and outer trends of our life and Houses in astrology define the exact areas of our life horoscope.

Every house is given a name –

1st house is said as Lagna or Ascendant.

2nd house is said as house of possessions

3rd house is said as House of Siblings

4th house is said as House of Family and Home

5th house is said as House of progeny and knowledge

6th house is said as Shatru Bhava

7th house is referred as House of Marriage

8th house is referred as Ayu Bhava

9th house is referred as House of Divine worship

10th house is referred as Karmasthana

11th house is referred as House of Income and Gain

12th house is referred as House of Sorrow

Since the 11th house seems most interesting today, we will study about the astrological meaning of 11th house and some secrets to gain benefit of 11th house.

Meaning of 11th house in Vedic Astrology

The 11th house is called as House of Income and Gain. In Vedic astrology it is termed as Labha Bhava. The word ‘Labha’ means Prosperity and word Bhava means origin. Thus, it indicates that 11th house is the cause of prosperity in our life.

This house is not only in connected with financial life it has a direct impact on our social life and relationships with others.

This house in our birth chart represents our dream, aspirations, happiness and scope of friendship, longevity of mother and recovery from illness.

We can define this house is numerous ways. Some of the most repeated ones are:

• Ekadasa – means profit and gain

• Aya – represents income from every field

• Agamana – tells possessions

• Vibhana – wealth and riches

• Siddhi – Fulfillments

It is believed by astrologers that every planet in this 11th house does well and give prosperous results. But if you are suffering from any Dosha due to planetary placement in 11th house you can get free online astrology consultancy.

Secrets to please 11th house in Vedic Astrology

In general 11th house always give beneficial results. But below are some secrets by that will help to gain benefits from eleventh house of astrology.

• Chant mantras, These mantras can be identified as per our zodiac sign. To know your sign compatible mantra chat with an astrologer online free.

• Make peace with the malefic planets if it is situated in 11th house. Talk to astrologer online to get effective remedies.

• Perform Yagna to rectify Poverty or Daridra Doshas from your Birth Chart.

We know that money is not everything but something very important. The financial factors help to achieve our life goals. Hence from the above information it is easy for us to conclude that 11th house of Vedic astrology is very important as it determines the gains from our karma and activity.