First festival of the year celebrated in every house with enthusiasm and joy is Makar Sankranti. It is one of the pure and ancient Hindu festivals. Word Makar refers to zodiac sign Capricorn, and Sankranti refers to the transit of Sun from one to another Zodiac Sign.

According to Hindu astrology, movement of sun into Capricorn zodiac sign is referred as Makar Sankranti. This day holds a special place in astrology as Sun enters Capricorn zodiac sign making this day auspicious for us.

Why we perform rituals on this day?

The zodiac sign Capricorn is ruled by astrological planet Saturn. On Makar Sankranti every year Sun enters Capricorn. As we all know Sun and Saturn are enemies and their conflicting relationships can bring negative impact on our lives. So to alleviate the bad effects we do rituals and prayers.

As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Surya Dev visits his son Lord Shani on the day of Makar Sankranti. They both have a conflating alliance. But on this day their disputing link turns into pleasing relations and all the past bitterness is neglected. Therefore, this detrimental combination can give fruitful results to us if we perform simple rituals and prayers to please them.

Rituals and Tips to please Sun and Saturn are mentioned below:

• One must perform all the rituals and donations after sunrise and before sunset.
• Take oil bath to get benefits of worship on this day.
• To gain purification of mind and soul it is suggested by astrologers to take a dip in holy water.
• Shani Shanti pooja is suggested for those who are suffering from ill effects of astrological planet Saturn.
• Offering water to Lord Sun can bring positivity to your life. It is also believed that doshas in birth chart related to Sun can be pacified on Makar Sankranti. Chat with astrologer online to get suggestions.
• According to astrology, Sun represents father. So, to strengthen the relationship of father and son worship deity Surya Dev by chanting Surya Mantra.
• Donating combination of 7 things i.e., Black Urad Dal, Green Urad Dal, Wheat, Brown chick peas, barley, bajra and rice can help us to get free from professional life problems.
• Before donating any items, a sprinkle, a pinch of roli and rice is advocated by astrologer in India.
• Praying ancestors and offering water to them can help us to acquire their blessings.
• Helping poor and needy people by donating food items and clothes can help us earn a place in heaven.
• Donation of sesame seeds (Til) and jaggery (Gur) is very auspicious on this day to get blessings of shani dev. Aslo if any individuals suffer from wrath of Shani dev or planet Saturn then with online astrology consultation one can overcome such problems and bring blessings in life.
• Reciting Gaytri Mantra in early morning will bring peace of mind.

Sun and Saturn have most harmful effects on our lives. But on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti their ill effects can be successfully spin to gain positive results. To know more about religious rituals based on your zodiac sign talk to astrologer online. wishes happy and prosperous Makar Sankranti to you and your family.