According to astrology, when the 6th 12th and 8th house that represents diseases, enemies, debts, and losses in your chart are occupied by malefic planets than you become ill when you wear a gemstone of a planet, it removes the negative vibrations coming from it and gives positive vibes to your mind.

Today we are going to tell you which disease is caused by which planet and which gemstone you should wear to cure yourself, but we would recommend not blindly following text knowledge as this blog has been written with the help of our astrologers from astrolozer, thus availing our Gemstone Astrology Service would be wiser.

The right gemstone for your disease

You should wear the right gemstone told by your astrologer on the correct finger of your right hand only otherwise the effects of the gemstone can be negative

Anemia: – It is also known as bloodlessness, it happens when your red blood capsules are reduced. It is caused by Sun and Jupiter, plagued by Mars & Saturn in your chart. You should wear red coral & yellow sapphire stones for it.

Arthritis: – It gives you pain while walking or sitting; it is caused when your knee joints are inflamed. The planets doing this to you are Saturn & Rahu. You should wear a yellow sapphire and red coral stones to cure it.

Asthma: – When you have breathing problems because of your bronchial tubes contracting and secreting excessive mucous, it’s called asthma. Saturn Moon & Mercury together give you this problem and so you should wear emerald & yellow sapphire with moonstone to make it go away.

Eye Problems: – Problems in your eyesight such as cataracts can disturb your daily life. It happens when Sun & Moon are hurt. You should wear red ruby & white pearl stones to nullify it.

Brain fever: – When the meninges in your brain are inflamed, it is called brain fever. Saturn, Mars & Rahu join forces to give you this problem. You should wear ruby, yellow sapphire, and emerald stones to get rid of it.

Brian tumors: – When unwanted tissues grow in your brain it causes brain tumors. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu give you this disease. This happens when Mars and Mercury in your chart are wounded. You should wear red coral, emerald, and yellow sapphire to ease yourself from it.

Bronchitis: – It’s a kind of lung disease that happens when your bronchial tubes are inflamed. It happens when Mars or Sun are oppressed by Rahu or Saturn.

Cancer: – When cells in your body grow abnormally, it causes cancer. It happens when Moon is wounded by Ketu or any other one or two planets. You should wear a light blue sapphire stone on your middle finger and a red coral stone on your ring finger for the cure.

Chickenpox: – When blisters form in your body due to skin eruption, it is called chickenpox. Mars is solely responsible for it. You should wear the red coral stone in a copper ring for it.

Children’s diseases: – Children below 10 years fall sick often. Moon alone is responsible for it. Your child should wear a 1-carat moonstone in a silver necklace as a cure.

Cirrhosis of the liver: – Your liver is hardened and enlarged in it. It happens when Saturn & Ketu bother Mercury & Jupiter. You must wear emerald and yellow sapphire stone with moonstone to cure cirrhosis.

Colitis: – Your intestines inflame causing severe pain in colitis. Saturn and Mars trouble you with this one. You should use the power of emerald and moonstone on Saturn and Mars and get relieved.

Constipation: – It causes your stool to be hard. Saturn is the planet responsible for it. You should wear red coral in a copper ring for it.

Ear problems: – Ear problems such as deafness can unease your life. Saturn and Mercury wrongly placed in your chart give you ear problems. You should wear red coral to ease your ears. Our experts at Astrolozer would give you red coral stone and you can additionally wear the emerald stone on your middle finger.

Dermatitis: – This includes problems to your skin such as rashes. Venus and Mars cause you this problem. You should wear white coral and red lazuli stones against this disease.

Diabetes: – Diabetes is caused when the sugar level in your blood becomes abnormal. It is caused by 2 or 3 bad planets in the water sign. Moon and Venus are burdened by Mars. You should wear red coral, emerald and blue sapphire stones for this problem.

Digestive disorders: – This includes diarrhea, dysentery, and poor digestion. It is caused by Saturn and an annoyed Sun. you should wear emerald, moonstone, and yellow sapphire to cure such disorders.

Blood diseases: – This includes syphilis, anemia, leukemia, etc. Saturn and Mars give you such illness. You should wear red coral, yellow sapphire, and a moonstone as a cure.

Epilepsy: – Your brain has sudden disturbances in it. It happens when Mars, Mercury, and Moon are tormented. You should wear emerald and moonstone for it; you can also use red coral as a secondary stone.

Headache: – It is mainly caused by anxiety, indigestion, eye troubles, and sinus. It is caused by distressed Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. You should wear emerald and moonstone for it.

Heart diseases: –This contains diseases such as heart attack. You get heart problems when Saturn, Mars, or Rahu agonize Sun. You should wear emerald, white pearl, and yellow sapphire to cure it.

Hysteria: – You get fits and fainting with abnormal behavior due to hysteria. Moon, Mercury and Saturn trouble you with it. You should wear red coral and moonstone for relief.

Insanity: – It’s a mental illness where your behavior is exaggerated. This happens when Saturn or Rahu pain Moon or Mercury. You should wear red coral and moonstone for it.

Insomnia: – In this disease, you are not able to get enough sleep needed. Saturn or Rahu deprive you of your sleep by worrying Moon or Mercury. You should wear emerald moonstone and yellow sapphire to sleep well.

Jaundice: – Your skin and eyes appear yellow in this disease because of excessive secretion of bile into your blood. Saturn and Mars disease you with this. You should wear deep red coral and light blue sapphire to ease yourself.

Leukemia: – It is another name for blood cancer. Rahu and Ketu who are known as demons in Hindu mythology cause you this trouble. You should wear cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, and hessonite to fight these demons.

Menstrual Disorders (females): – This includes problems such as bleeding or white discharge. You get these problems when Moon is smitten by Mars. Wearing a 10-carat white pearl in a silver ring with red coral stone can help you face your problems.

Miscarriage (females): – When you have frequent abortions in pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage. Mars is responsible for miscarriages. Wearing red coral and emerald can ease your pain.  

Paralysis: – This is when you can’t move at all due to nerve damage. You get paralysis when Saturn racks mercury in your chart. You should use wear red coral and emerald to move again, you can also use moonstone as a secondary gem.

Sunstroke: – This happens when your skin is exposed to excessive sunlight in the summer. It is caused by the hot planets, Sun and Mars. You should wear yellow sapphire for the cure.   

Throat troubles: – This includes diseases like sore throat, cough, etc. such diseases are again caused by Sun and Mars. Wearing red coral stone is a cure for it.

All diseases that are mentioned here can deprive you of your relaxation, but not to worry, with the power of gemology, you can easily get back your ease.