Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates his birthday on 17 September, which is tomorrow. He has served as Prime Minister for two consecutive terms and is a popular leader of the people. He has achieved this position after a lot of struggle and a lot of willpower. Today, Modi ji is being discussed in the country and around the globe. 

Let us know what aspects of PM Modi’s horoscope speak highly of him in terms of politics on his birthday.

Horoscope of PM Narendra Modi: what does it tell us?

Name- Narendra Modi

Date of birth- 17th Sep 1950, Time 11.40 am,

Place of birth: Gujarat

Let us tell you that PM Modi has an extraordinary horoscope, and that makes him an extraordinary individual. According to Modi Ji’s horoscope, he has the potential to become Prime Minister a third time. Conjunction between Mars and the Moon is happening in Prime Minister Modi’s ascendant. The relation of Moon-Mars conjunction i.e. Lagnesh and Navmesh in their horoscope is Raja Yoga, and their combination is considered to be a good Dhan Yoga in any horoscope. Venus-Saturn conjunction is also a good sign.

The Lagna lord Mars and the 9th lord Moon occupied the Lagna. Therefore, Richika Maha Purusha yoga and Chandra Mangala yoga have formed. Modi has leadership qualities and will be very courageous and bold because of these two yogas.

Jupiter occupied the 2nd and 5th houses of the 4th house. In Gajakesari yoga, Janmapagna and Chandrapagna have combined. Modi will be sincere, honest and will spend the rest of his life serving India because of this yoga. He gained fame and name. Rahu occupies the 5th house here. Due to this, he will sometimes make rash decisions.

Saturn and Venus occupy the 10th house. His personal life is therefore a source of a lot of stress. Janma Lagna shows Sun as the occupant of the 11th house, Mercury and Ketu occupy the 10th. This led to the formation of Budha Adhitya Yoga. Due to this yoga, Modi was able to enter politics very young.

Modi will be in charge during Mars’s major period from May 2021 to May 2028. Mars is occupied in his own house in this horoscope due to his Lagna in his own house. The position of Mars in the Navamsha chart is debilitated. There will be mixed results for Modi during this time. Modi needs to be extremely careful about his health until October 2nd, 2021. Rahu will occupy the 7th house from the sign of the Moon until 22nd April 2021. In this manner, he will bring about a lot of disruptions in politics via his own subordinates. As transit Rahu aspects his natal Moon, Modi should be mindful of her health. The moon is his mother’s karaka. 

It is predicted too that he will win during the upcoming elections in 2024 since he is going to undergo the Dasa-Antardasa of Mars Saturn and Mars Mercury, which are both powerful Rajayoga karakas.