A person faces many problems in life if he has Pitru Dosh. Additionally, his work begins to deteriorate, and progress stops. There is unrest in life at the same time. Pitra Dosh must be removed in such a situation. Pitra Dosha can be reduced by adopting some remedies. Pitru Paksha began today, 20th September, and will last until 6th October, i.e. the new moon day.

Here are the  Pitru Dosh symptoms and remedies– Just Chat with Astrologers or Talk to Astrologers and find a quick solution to the problem here.

Give water to Peepal and Banyan tree

It is beneficial to worship Peepal and Banyan trees during Pitru Paksha to reduce the effects of Pitra Dosh. Offer flowers, akshat, and black sesame seeds to the tree during worship. Please seek forgiveness from your ancestors for your mistake as well. Every family member should donate some coins according to their ability to the temple. Go to donation day on Thursday with your elderly loved ones.

Offer Panchbali Bhog

When carrying out the Shradh of your ancestors on Pitru Paksha, offer your ancestors Panchbali Bhog. Under Panchbali, bhog is kept for God, cow, crow, dog, and ant. Feed the crows continuously from the beginning of Shradh until the end. According to Hindu mythology, crows appear on Pitru Paksha to bring our ancestors to earth. By doing this, you reduce Pitra Dosh.

Burn camphor in the morning and evening

On the days of Pitru Paksha, you should regularly burn camphor in the morning and evening and mix ghee in jaggery and give it incense. Also regularly feed roti to dogs, cows, crows, birds, and ants, etc. By doing this also, the effect of Pitra Dosh is reduced.

Provide food to brahmins and needy

Offer food to Brahmins and the needy on the day of Shradh of ancestors in Pitru Paksha. Keep in mind that the food should be of the father’s choice. Along with this, if you cook food with your own hands then it will be even better. After the meal, give them respectful donations and dakshina. This also reduces Pitra Dosh. 

Place the picture of ancestors in the south direction

If there is Pitra Dosh in your horoscope, then you should place the picture of ancestors in the south direction of the house. Along with this, whenever you go out of the house for any auspicious work, then definitely take the blessings of the ancestors. It is said that with this the blessings of the ancestors remain on you and gradually the effect of Pitra Dosh starts decreasing. This remedy will have to be done not only during the days of Pitru Paksha but always.