It can be fascinating to know how a specialized Astrologer known as a palmist can tell a lot about you and predict your future, or look into your past, just by analyzing your palm. Various aspects of your hand are analyzed such as the shape of your palm and the lines of your palm.

Our expert palmist and Gemologist Acharya Ashish S are delighted to share with you all that you need to know about the sun line

Basics of the sun line

Also known as the Apollo line. In palmistry, it is known as a sister line to the fate line and it can compensate you, if you don’t have a fate line in a way that fate line is responsible for your fame and fortune, but if you don’t have a fate line your sun line will act like a fate line.

It begins from the mount of the moon on your palm which goes across your palm right from the base of your palm under the thumb. The extension of the sun line can vary and can symbolize various meanings.

  1. If your line extends from the wrist to the headline, then it shows the likelihood of fame at a young age.
  2. If it goes from headline to heart line, then it means that you will be lucky between your teenage and late 30s
  3. If it’s running between the heart line and ring finger base, you will likely get fame in your 40s and maintain it till death.
  4. If your line is not visible halfway, then don’t worry too much, you are most likely to get fame in the second half of your life. 

If you have a passion for art, literature and are a writer then the sun line is lucky for you, in such cases, it can also give you good fortune and money without doing any hard work because of lottery or inherited wealth.

Variations in the sun line

There are 4 variations in the sun line, all 4 variations symbolize a different meaning from the general meaning.

  1. If there is a star on your sunline then be assured that you will get fame throughout your life and even in the afterlife.
  2. If there is an island though, you are likely to be depressed, however, you can get our Best Online Astrology Consultation for an accurate solution.
  3. If there are scissors on your line then you will get obstacles in your career.
  4. If there is a dot on your Apollo line then it means that you are being surrounded by people who are jealous of you.

Types of sun line

Just like its variations, your sun line is also of 4 types. Take a look at yours.

The line is too short: – It can be predicted that if your Apollo line is too short then you will live an ordinary life.

No sun line: – If your sun line is absent then it means that you will, unfortunately, have no scope or hope for success in this life, even if you are giving it your all.

Sunline is clear: – If your Apollo line is clear, it means that you persuade art and literature and both are a good choice for you as well.

Apollo line is narrow: – If your line is narrow, then it can be interpreted that your life is troubled and frustrating and you will also have problems in marriage, but for marriage problems through you can get Marriage Astrology Prediction Serviceso that you will marry the right person in the first place. The bright side is that you will have fame in the second half of your life.

Sunline endings

Just like its extensions, the location where the sun line ends is also very important, according to palmistry, the beginning, extension, and ending together predict your future and personality and only an expert Astrologer can calculate it accurately.

  1. If your sun line ends at your heart line you are considered to be a generous person.
  2. If your Apollo line ends at the headline then you are a good scholar and intelligent.
  3. You are lucky if your sun line ends at your fate line as this can give you fame at any age, on the other hand, if your line ends at the lifeline then you have a high expectancy to be famous.
  4. If your sun line is divided like a fork at the start or end then you will enjoy a happy and wealthy life.
  5. If you have gaps in your sun line then you have many skills but are a master of none.
  6. If you have a cross in your sun line, then you may have a downfall and lose reputation.
  7. If your line is crossed, it symbolizes that you are learned but unlucky.
  8. If you have a black dot on your Apollo line then you likely have a bad reputation.
  9. If you have a rectangle on the sun line then you are a good money saver.
  10. If you have a short or crossed sun line then it represents that you have a temperamental mind.

We learned a lot about the sun line today and observed its beginning, extensions, variations, types, and endings. We hope that your sunline brings you fame, fortune, and good luck.