Numerology is the branch of astrology that relies on numbers and mathematics. A specialized Astrologer called a numerologist will use a number chart to predict your future and real self. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, ideas, or names.

There are a total of 9 root numbers and more complex numbers in numerology. Today our numerologist Acharya Aarti will share with you all about root number 9. There’s a lot to learn, so without any further delay, let’s start.

The meaning of the number 9

It is the last of the root numbers and it has the highest vibrational frequency of any number other than 11, 22, and 33. This high frequency gives the number some exceptional and incredible characteristics. One such special property of the number is to retain its vibrational energy without regarding multiplication.

In the case of other numbers, the vibrational frequency weakens when multiplied, but it does not happen with 9. For example, when you multiply it by 2 (2*9=18, 8+1=9), then it reduces to 9, it’s the same case with any number, the result will always be the divine number 9. 

This symbolizes our inner wisdom. It is present in all of our hearts but must be uncovered afresh, it’s your task if you are influenced by the number’s special energy.

The symbolism of 9

9 is linked with the tarot card known as the hermit, as its name suggests, a hermit always ventures alone in search of spiritual wisdom, but that in any case doesn’t mean that 9 is a dreamer’s number. Let us say that 9 is your soul urge or life path number, then you command high frequencies that can get things done effectively.

This is similar to the number 8, but you will likely do things that can uncover your inner wisdom. 9 is also associated with Sagittarius which is a visionary zodiac sign, this makes 9’s energy a universal or global phenomenon, it is also believed that you will find yourself seeking to serve humanity if 9 is your life path number.

The deep duality associated with 9

The hermit desires to wander alone in the forest like Buddha or Jesus and learn deeply about the spiritual nature of reality, however, some people get lost in the wild and never serve humanity. So, how can we connect this concept to serving humanity?

The answer is very simple. If your number is 9, you will feel the urge to teach others the spiritual lessons that you learned on your own, just like Moses, Christ, or Buddha.

9 as your life path number

If your life path is informed by 9, you can be highly emotional. This specifically applies to childhood. It is believed that most of us as children are not emotionally developed enough to deal with the consequences of high-frequency energy coming down on us, thus high spiritual realization may take the form of emotional disturbance.

By the time we are adults, we understand that our spiritual purpose is to emerge in the field of activity. Whether you will fulfill your purpose or not depends on the other numbers in your chart. You can get your number chart evaluated at Astrolozer.

9’s link with karma and calling

9 is not a highly charged number when it comes to giving us karmic lessons, instead, the energy of 9 is the result of the spiritual development process that might have been going on for many lifetimes. The number is the climactic energy of lifetimes of spiritual questioning.

Even if 9 is not your soul urge number, it can still influence your life in many ways. If you see 9 appearing in your experience as times, monetary amounts, dates, or distances, it might indicate that whatever you were involved with, within that time has more spiritual significance than you think. Those who are living from this intense energy are generally not satisfied with an ordinary profession unless it serves greater spiritual aims.

However, these people feel particularly attracted to creative writing, teaching, and humanitarian work. 9’s energy wants to unite all of humanity, but people who don’t understand this may get infuriated. The main challenge for you, if your number is 9 is that you must view everyone with affection and understanding.

The number 9 is a highly spiritual root number. Its energy will never diminish and it guides you to lead humanity to spiritual realization. Even if 9 is not your life path number, you may get influenced by it in various ways.