Astrology or Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology has been an ancient science that was given to us by our great saints. The saints believed that the Universe’s planets determined our fate and were created by the Lord to provide the human being results as per their Karmas. They also believed that all the planets were somewhere the parts of God itself. This knowledge had been granted to these Rishis in the deepest of the meditation. Their study had been so concrete and foolproof that the Almanac(Panchang) used to predict the exact placement of the planets in the Universe. The calculations had been so precise that even NASA and others arrive on the same details as these Rishis. The planets’ placement aspect and its study required very tedious and precious calculations known as the Ganit (Maths) aspect of Astrology. The predictive aspect was known as Phalit Jyotish. This had been evolved to the Western world also in Western Astrology with them adopting few changes as per their experience.

Evolvement of Jyotish

Since time has progressed, the Ganit aspect of Astrology has become more straightforward with introducing much-advanced software. However, at the same time, the Phalit aspect had become more difficult. Many people attribute this to the lack of efforts to seek God’s blessings, which leads to failure in the predictive aspects. In earlier times, the astrologers lived a very pious life; because of this, they also used to receive divine help. They had the genuine intention of helping the people, and they used to live a disciplined life because they used to get the divine interventions and intuitions. Since little back only there were these great astrologers who can make the predictions to the day detail. However, since we had entered Kali-yuga, where the falsehood is constantly rising, Astrologer’s quality is also degrading. Thus it had lead to various myths regarding Astrology.

Myths regarding Astrology

1. Astrology is a pseudo-science- Many people, because of the predictions not happening many times, believe it is not a complete science. Here we would like you to quote an example to refute. If a medical practitioner passes a Medical exam, then it cannot be said that he would resolve 100% of cases. As per the degree obtained by him and his knowledge, he would give his 100% to resolve a case. However, it can not be said that the results would be 100% achieved. If the Medical practitioner fails to achieve the result, we cannot blame Medical science for it and say that it is a pseudo-science. We can question the level of the Astrologer and his details of knowledge. When our Rishis had clearly established the Ganit aspect, how can they be wrong with Phalit? Like an expert medical practitioner, the current breed of Astrologer would hone his knowledge continually; an astrologer should strive to give the best to his customer and shall always sharpen his knowledge.

2. Astrologers cannot go wrong- As mentioned, an Astrologer shall always strive to seek perfection in his art, but as mentioned, the Astrologers are still humans, and they can go wrong. A failure to understand the concepts and a wrong interpretation can sometimes lead to wrong conclusions for an Astrologer. However, an incorrect interpretation by an Astrologer, blame cannot be put on the fundamental science. Here, an Astrologer shall strive not to bring disrepute to the Astrology field by casual interpretation, and the chart shall be properly understood.

3. Astrology is guesswork: Many people believe that Astrology is mere guesswork, but many people don’t know that our great Rishis had such formulas, in which if the applicable conditions are true, then such things are sure to happen and which can be openly challenged. To quote a very small example, if a person has Rahu and Moon or Rahu and Sun in closed conjunction, he would surely face a distanced relationship with his mother or father, or his mother or father health may not be good. There may be a very few exceptions that our Rishis already provide but in around 90% of cases, it is bound to be true. There is no guess but pure divine science. The Moon in astrology represents Mother, and Sun represents Father. A very closed combination of these planets with an illusioned planet like a Rahu brings disappointments, gaps, and setbacks in relationships. There are many principles like this which an expert astrologer shall thoroughly learn and which should flash immediately in his mind.

4. Astrological remedies should definitely work: Many people say that since the astrological remedies did not work for him, thus astrology is a Myth. People should understand that we are born due to a certain Karmic position when we are born. We had agreed to God at the time of the birth to enjoy or suffer in a certain way. As mentioned earlier in the post, the planets are the different forms of energy of God itself; when we do some remedy, we pray to God’s energy to grant some respite in our situation. It is entirely up to the divine to see whether the respite would be granted or not. We should always be humble and prayerful while doing a remedy and request God to remove our obstacles.


Considering the above, we can clearly say that we can blame the Astrologer for his imperfect knowledge however cannot blame the Astrology. Astrology is a complete divine science, and it is up to its practitioner as to how he can resolve and help his clients with his thorough knowledge. On the part of the Customers, we suggest that whenever you try to approach an astrologer online or physically for an astrology chat or an astrology call, you should check that he had the proper educational background and had the intensive study of the subject. You should see your comfort level also if you are more comfortable with Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology. If you are comfortable with an Astrologer online, you can review his profile, reviews, consultation, and the Astrology predictions, if any present. Nowadays, it is effortless to talk online with Astrologer or Chat with Astrologer, but at the same time, it presents a large pool to choose. You should select the best astrology app and the best astrology website that rigorously tests their astrologers before giving them an online astrology report. We believe your careful selection of the Astrologer will firm your belief in this ancient science, and it would prove to be a guiding light in your very dark hours. Ours believe Indian Astrologer online has a traditional way of study and they are also disciplined, thus are worth giving a try. We wish you great luck in finding a perfect astrologer and guiding you in the tough times of the journey of life.