As the king of the nine planets, the Sun is a major force in astrology. Sun is the greatest source of light and energy and is also the bestower of power, authority, and privilege. There will be major impacts for those born under the different zodiac signs during this transit on 17 September. For that reason, in terms of star study, it is advisable to be aware of some of how the Lord Sun can bless you at the time of its transit. We capture the global significance of the upcoming Sun transit in this blog from AstroSage. Additionally, we recommend a few astrological techniques that can help you win over Lord Sun.

What time will Sun transit in September?

Virgo is the sign where the Sun transits on September 17, 2021, at 1:02 am. It represents popularity, fame, respect, etc. There will be different effects on each of the 12 signs from this transit. It will also have an impact on a broader scale around the world.

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The Strongest and Weakest Position of the Sun in Horoscopes

A man’s horoscope symbolizes the role of the Sun as a father and a fatherly figure. Having the Sun in a strong position helps a person command respect in society, advance in various walks of life, achieve greater success in their jobs, maintain harmonious relations with family members, etc.

The weakness of the Sun on the other hand makes one self-centered and stubborn because it lowers their confidence. As a result of the unfavorable position of the Sun, heart problems, eye infections, etc. are also common. They are also easily agitated over trivial matters.

Is it going to affect each zodiac sign differently?

​1) Aries- This transit signals an end to debt, enemies, and diseases for Aries. It will be smooth sailing for students and for working professionals. However, it is likely that your relationships will suffer due to heartbreak. As a result, those who suffer from them will have better health conditions.

Tips: Offer water to the Sun every day

2) Taurus- In the fourth house, the Sun is the lord, and he will move into the fifth house. Love, romance, speculation, and children belong to the fifth house.

Try to keep cordial relationships with colleagues even if things don’t go smoothly at work. Perhaps you and your spouse have a rough relationship due to health issues affecting your kids. You should take good care of yourself.

Tips: Read Aditya Hriday Stotram every day

3) ​Gemini- Ideally, this is a good time for resolving family problems and avoiding arguments with your spouse. Your work can suffer from a lack of confidence at the workplace. The future holds good health for you.

Tips: Worship Lord Vishnu every day

4) ​Cancer- The Sun will transform into the third house of courage, short travels, and siblings in cancer, which denotes the Lord of the second house. During this period, students studying at colleges and universities will benefit from the results. The time is right to invest in your business and to impress others with your words.

Tips: Chanting Om Ghrni Surya Namaha

5) Leo- The Sun is the Lord of Leo’s first house and will transition into the second house, which is good for your health and family. Your status will improve as well as your financial situation. Your health might be disturbed, but your relationship will be good. You are at risk of a minor accident if you are not careful. You are in a good position to expand your knowledge at present.

Tips: Every day during sunrise, give water and lotus flowers to Sun

6) Virgo- It will move into the first house of self, personality, and nature, which is ruled by the Sun in the twelfth house. While your relationship with your partner might not improve, you will get financial gains. You might have some skin problems and your health won’t be in the best shape.
Tips- Donate jaggery on Sunday

7) Libra- With the transition into the twelfth house, the Sun becomes lord of the eleventh house. A spirituality and foreign gain will be gained in this way. You will have an average time. Keep a balance between professional and personal life by avoiding travel related to business. Anxiety may be caused by the relationship between you and your spouse. Applying for a loan now will increase your chances of getting it approved if you have been waiting for one.

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Tips- Serving fathers or father figures

8) Scorpio – For Scorpio, the Sun rules the tenth house and transitions into the eleventh house of desire and income. It is the right time for family and friends to renew their relationship. Married couples will benefit from a wonderful time with their spouse alongside financial benefits. As a result of your hard work, your boss will appreciate you and you will be healthy.

Tips- Donate essential items to the needy on Sunday

9) Sagittarius- Your name, fame, and career will benefit from the Sun transiting into the tenth house in Sagittarius. You can get a promotion by putting some effort into your work. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and remain motivated. Health problems will be cured and healthy people will remain healthy.

Tips: Wear Ruby gemstones on Sunday

10) Capricorn – The Sun rules the eighth house for Capricorn and will transition to the ninth house, which portends great fortune and luck for the sign. During this period, you may have some obstacles to overcome. It will be difficult to keep up with your financial obligations, which will cause you frustration. Peace will not be present in your marriage and with your loved ones. Stress and anxiety will increase as a result.

11- Capricorn- The Sun rules the seventh house in Capricorn and transitions to the eighth house which represents sudden inheritance loss/gain. Both your personal and professional lives will have challenges for you. In addition, students will encounter obstacles while studying. You will, however, have a good financial position and a good relationship with your partner. Keep yourself physically active to stay healthy.

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12- Pisces – For Pisces, the Sun will transit into the seventh house and become the lord of the sixth house. The relationship between you and your partner might suffer if your opponents are causing problems for you. You will have to work hard to get success at work. Avoid traveling for work and do yoga and meditation to relieve stress.