We have often heard in Indian marriages like Kundli Milan is important for prosperous marriage, horoscope matching should be considered before marriage, harmonize natal chart prior to wedding and others.

But what is the meaning of matching Kundli?

Kundli Milan refers to the method of matching zodiac sign, horoscopes and planetary positions of bride and groom to ascertain how their married life will.

It is closely believed by our elders that no marriage can be successful if horoscope isn’t matching.

The first and foremost step in matchmaking even before looking at any other important aspect is harmonizing Kundli of girl and boy. Get best astrology consultation online for Kundli Milan today.

Many modernists and young generation decline the significance of Kundli Milan for happy marriage. But we should anticipate that if a ritual is followed for over decades and decades then there must be any reason behind.

Read on to know why study of horoscope should be considered before marriage.

What is the importance of matching Kundli before marriage?

The method of matching birth chart of two people is considered auspicious and sacred in Indian marriages. As per astrology natal chart represents the position of Sun, Moon, and planets at the event of birth. In short it is referred as the picture of sky at the time of a native was born.
This chart is used to derive zodiac signs, future events, traits, Dosha, Yoga and other information.

When a person is born various Dosha and Yoga are formed as per the position of celestial body. After marriage Kundli of Wife and Husband get connected.

So, if natives marry with ideal chart then negative impact of Dosha can be overcome and if marriage is done forcefully without Kundli Milan then Positive impacts of planets may get turn into malefic results.

Another reason why horoscope is matched prior marriage is to check the harmony.

Compatibility is crucial in marriage. Zodiac signs tell personality traits of individual. To live happy life together it is important to discover and compare all the personality attribute of bride and groom.

Therefore, with the help of zodiac signs matching in horoscope astrologer ascertain whether couples will be consistent or not. Get best astrology compatibility report.

Astrologers in Kundli Milan follow the ‘Ashthakoota method’, which is also known as ‘Gun Milan’. By studying the position of moon in the chart of boy and girl some points are calculated and number of points predicts how the marriage life is going to be.

These points are known as Gun. Higher number of points ascertains fortunate marriage. According to Vedic astrology there are 36 gunns and for a prosperous marriage minimum 18 gunns should be matched.

I know love is the only important vertical for this generation when it comes to marriage and they don’t believe in Kundli Milan methods. But checking the compatibility before wedding can only give you surety of happy married life.

No love and other element can control the position of planets. And if planetary positions of birth chart don’t match with partner then he is not our correct life companion. We can get our soul mate with online astrology consultation.