When choosing to chat with Astrologer online or talk with Astrologer online, you have many times noticed different kinds of online astrologers. The significant among them being Indian Astrologer or Vedic Astrologer and Western Astrologer. Whereas the Vedic Astrology had been very primitive, Western Astrology had evolved during the course. There had been debates about which one is better. Western Astrology has strayed from the Vedic Astrology on few points, which we will discuss below to understand the difference among these two:

1. Zodiac: The Vedic Astrology considers the Sidereal Zodiac, whereas Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac. To understand this further, we can say that Vedic Astrology defines the Sun’s position against the star background and is more of a fixed kind. In Western Astrology, the Sun is referenced against the Sun’s horizon and which is a movable one and gives a difference of 1 degree for every seventy-two years.

2. Considerations of different planets: Vedic Astrology does not account for the Impact of Neptune, Uranus & Pluto, and these are not considering for making predictions in Vedic Astrology, whereas the Western Astrologers considers them to have an impact and are considered.

3. System of Houses: Vedic Astrology considers the house equivalent to a Sign which the Western Astrologers digress with. The house begins at the 1st degree of the Ascendant as the First house, and the houses are adjusted(Placidus System).

4. The opinion of Retrograde planet: Vedic Astrology considers Retrograde planets of significant strength and delivers the results powerfully; however, the contrary opinion prevails in Western Astrology.

5. Lunar Zodiac V Solar Zodiac: Vedic Astrology gives more importance to the Moon Zodiac or the Moon Sign, whereas Western Astrology gives more prominence to the Sun Sign.

A recent technique developed by an Indian astrologer Krishnamurthi (also known as the KP Astrology) uses Western Astrology’s similar concept for the house division. They also prepare a Nirayan Bhav Chalit Chart quite similar to Western Chart. However, they use Rashi Chart also. The KP Astrology has also been quite famous in India over recent decades and had been said to deliver good results.


There had been debate about which system is better. Whereas the Vedic System has been system given to us by the great Rishis by the divine itself, the western Astrologers had adopted the same as per their intelligence and intellect. Whereas Vedic Astrology had been quite old and didn’t need any approval, the Western Astrologers had also made a mark on it. We recommend that rather than the system, it is upon the Astrologer how clear he has acquainted the subjects and used his wisdom of the applicability of Astrological principles, be it Western or Vedic.

It would help if you always searched for the best astrologer app and best astrology website to find the best online astrologers who have provided their worth. It does not matter if they are Vedic or Western astrologers. However, the Indian Astrologers remain to be much sought after astrologers for their knowledge in Vedic Astrology and openness to experiment and apply Western principles to see and analyze the results. Many have developed their methodology and approach for reading the charts.