During your work life, you must have thought of doing a business at some point or another. Well, that’s because the firm offers independent work hours, flexibility, and on top of that, you are your boss plus, there are other benefits such as high profits and whatnot, speaking of business. If you want to know which business is right for you, you can take the help of our Online Astrological Solution service.

We are coming back to the point. Like many other things in our life, even business has the flip side of the coin. Yes, we are talking about the risk factors involved in a business, such as uncertainty with capital, order management, manufacturing or retail challenges, marketing complexions, customer satisfaction, sudden changes, competitors, market dynamics, and a lot more. You should have these points in mind before starting a business.

But did you know that astrological factors such as planets and houses also affect whether your business will be a success or failure? Take the help of our Gemstone Astrology Service if your business is not going smoothly and put it back in the right direction using this ancient science. 

Today our expert from Dr. Pawan K, will share astrological factors that affect businesses and tell you how Vedic astrology and Vastu Shastra can help you achieve great success in your business.

Astrological aspects that affect businesses

You should consider many astrological factors before you decide on what type of business you want to commence. Vedic astrology can accurately foretell the specific business field that can offer you maximum circumstances for growth and immense success.

So if you wish to commence a particular type of business, it is strongly advised that you consider a free chat with an Astrologer Online on astrolozer and know whether it is right for you. So now you must be surprised how an astrologer can help you determine your field of business? Let us find out.

Our expert will analyze your horoscope or Kundli and determine the right business for you. There can be various components in your Janam Kundli or birth horoscope that can reveal the best business path in your life. Only a complete and detailed analysis by our professional can lead to a final result. Thus taking our Business Astrology Services will ensure that your business blooms.

Now let us look at some houses that affect the working of a business-

2nd House: – This House symbolizes collected wealth and bank balance. The favorability of this House determines your wealth

6th House: – This House represents foes, competition, loans, and lawsuits. You will secure this House in your favor.

7th House: – This is the main House for business, and it also signifies partnership. Malefic planets must not influence this House if you want to succeed in business. 

10th House: – This is the main House for any profession or career, and it represents command, name, and popularity. If you are in a retail or market-driven business, then a solid 10th house is crucial in gaining profits.  

11th House: – The 11th House in your chart indicates gains and realization of aims. If you want significant revenues and profits in your business, then a powerful 11th house is crucial. 

12th House: Your 12th House represents expenditure and is crucial to determine your business’s monetary aspects.

Vastu tips for your business-

Vastu is also essential to ensure that only positive energies enter your business other than planets and houses. We at astrolozer share some great Vastu remedies with you to allow positive vibes to join your business. If you want to know more tips, feel free to ask our experts.

  1. You should keep the central part of your business building empty.
  2. Your staff should work facing east or north.
  3. Your conference room should be in the northwest direction.
  4. For positive vibes, you can place a pot with nine goldfish and one blackfish in the northeast.
  5. For good luck and positive vibrations, your office building should face northeast or northwest direction.

Business comes with both risks and profits. If it gives immense freedom on the one hand, then, on the other hand, it provides intense competition. However, you should take the help of astrology to determine the best business for your business. Astrolozer team hopes that your business blooms and wish you success in your industry.