A study shows that out of every 1000 people 32 are twins. They can be identical i.e., of same personality or non-identical having different personalities. Twins are born from same egg and sperm, at the same place and nearby at the same time.

From their clothes to food choices everything is same. But this doesn’t mean they will have same birth chart as well. Ever wondered why?

It isn’t necessary to have same personality trait and life course of people who are born at same place and time. Hundreds of babies are born at same time in hospital. They are not likely to share same chart.

As per astrolozer.com, twins are born under 5 circumstances:

1. When powerful planets strand moon.
2. When two personal planets (Mercury and Mars) and one Social planet (Jupiter) comes in even or negative sign.
3. When Venus and moon are in same zodiac sign.
4. If Jupiter and Sun approaches Gemini or Sagittarius zodiac Sign.
5. While Mercury, Jupiter Mars are in Vishram.

Why Birth charts are different?

Astrology works on the birth chart prepared by accurate birth-time, birth-place and date of birth. If we talk about twins, they rarely share same birth chart. One-minute difference is enough to create different horoscope and zodiac sign. Are you not aware about your birth chart? Get free astrology report online.

Planetary combinations and zodiac signs are important factors to consider. Difference in birth time can lead to unalike rising sun (also known as ascendant) which causes dissimilar education choices, career options, marriage life and so on.

Let me illustrate it.

On Wednesday, September 16 2020, at 19:07, the sun transited from Leo to Virgo. One twin was born at 19:04 and another at 19: 09. This would make first twin Leo and second one Virgo.
Leo is theatrical, passionate whereas Virgo is hard-working and stubborn and from here astrology changes for both the individual.

From this we can conclude:

Because the twins have different birth time, their astrology predictions will be different.
But what about those who have same birth chart? Let’s understand.

How Twins with same Birth Chart have different astrology?

• Sun changes its degree every four minute and Moon changes it in every two day. So, if the twins are born in same 2-3-minute difference they are likely to share same sun sign.
• Identical Sun sign doesn’t ensure about same destiny. A micro-second difference between the birth times creates dissimilarity in Divisional Chart which leads the life separately.
• Also, destiny gives us results based on our Past deeds (Sanchita), Present deeds (Agami) and award of past deeds (Parabdha). Thus these 3 karmas cannot be same of any individual, astrology Predictions change while twins have same birth chart.
• Astrolozer.com says that, larger the orbit less powerful aspect’s result is. As Twins are born on different orbit, they can’t share same destiny.

To summarize I can say that, whether twins have same different birth chart they will proceed in completely different direction under same umbrella.

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