We all want to live in the home of our dreams, but what can convert a house into a home? Family members, we all live in a house with our family and enjoy little moments that happen throughout the days and we all want our house to be free of evil spirits, don’t we?

According to Hindu tradition, certain rituals must be performed so that god drives away all evil spirits from our new house for a peaceful house life, before one can enter and live in a house, today Online Astrologer India will guide you through the proper home entrance rituals as per 2021.

The three types of home entry ceremonies

• The first one is Apoorva Grah Pravesh Pooja during which a person, for the first time, goes and lives in a newly constructed house.

• The second one is Sapurva Grah Pravesh Pooja during which we leave our old house to live in the new house, but later decide to go back to the old house for any reason.

• The third one is Dwaandhava Grah Pooja, we leave our house compulsorily due to some accident or problem, but after the ritual enter again.

Auspicious time’s importance

According to Hindu ritual, we must enter our house during an auspicious time for us to live there without any evil spirits causing hindrances or harm to us and our family.

Astrologers are to be consulted for calculating the right time to enter the new house, according to dates in the Hindu calendar, the Amavasya and Poornima of any Paksha are inauspicious while Shukla Paksha’s Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashmi, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Trayodashi are acknowledged as auspicious.

Method of home entry worship

To please the Vastu deity so that the deity can drive away evil spirits, this is done by using the following steps properly as per the ritual.

• The male head of the family breaks the coconut at the threshold of the house to please the deity.

• Next Kalash Pooja is performed by filling a Kalash with water, a coin, and 9 different grains.

• The coconut is tied with a red cloth and put on a vase with leaves from a mango.

• The priests chant Mantras to the prepared coconut during home Kalash Pooja.

• The husband and wife take this vase inside and it is kept at the place of Havan.

• Milk is boiled for everyone after the Pooja by the lady of the house.

• The lady of the house offers milk to the kula deity; then it is offered as Prasad to all the family members.

• The priests are offered food as Prasad, according to the Hindu religion, offering food to Brahmins is known as a good omen and since priests are Brahmins, offering food to the priests is a good omen.

• The doors of the house must remain open on the day of the Pooja and family members must stay there till the next morning.

• A lamp must be kept burning all night to attract good spirits.

Dates for home entrance muhurat 2021

You should also know the auspicious dates and times for 2021 according to the international calendar to enter the home to be clearer and also cross-check if the Pandit you hired is a fraud; entering a home at these dates will be good for the house and the family.

• 9th January between 12:32 PM and 7:17 PM (Ekadashi).
• 13th May 5:32 AM to 14th May till 5:31 AM (Dwitiya).
• 14th May 5:31 AM to 15th May from 5:30 AM (Tritiya).
• 21st May 3:23 PM to 22nd May from 5:27 AM (Dashami).
• 22nd May between 5:27 AM and 2:06 PM (Dashami, Ekadashi).
• 24th May between 5:26 AM and 9:49 AM (Trayodashi).
• 26th May 4:43 PM to 27th May from 1:16 AM (Pratipada).
• 4th June 5:23 AM to 5th June from 5:23 AM (Dashami, Ekadashi).
• 5th June between 5:23 AM and 11:28 PM (Ekadashi).
• 19th June 8:29 PM to 20th June from 5:24 AM (Dashami).
• 26th June 5:25 AM to 27th June from 2:36 AM (Dwitiya, Tritiya).
• 1st July between 5:27 AM and 2:01 PM (Saptami).
• 5th November from 2:23 AM to 6th November at 6:37 AM (Dwitiya).
• 6th November between 6:37 AM and 11:39 PM (Dwitiya, Tritiya).
• 10th November between 8:25 AM and 3:42 PM (Saptami).
• 20th November 6:48 AM to 21st November from 6:48 AM (Pratipada, Dwitiya).
• 29th November between 6:55 AM and 9:42 PM (Dashami).
• 13th December 7:05 AM to 14th December 2:05 AM (Dashami, Ekadashi).