Gemology is the branch of astrology where an Astrologer also known as a gemologist uses gemstones to heal a person’s disease(s) or add prosperity to his life. Know which gemstone is right for you in 2021 (add the link to Best gemstone for you in 2021 as per your zodiac sign). Each of the gems is connected with the 9 planets and thus holds the energies of these planets.

If you wear the stone as recommended by our expert Astrologers such as acharya Ashish S, then that gemstone can work miracles in your life.

Today we will be talking about the garnet stone and we guarantee that it’s going to be interesting.

Basic knowledge about the garnet

This gemstone is believed to bring good fortune to you if you have commerce in lotteries, share market, imports, exports, real estate, and speculative businesses.

The stone has a similar appearance to powdered sugar in honey and is characterized by cow’s urine which is said to be good for health. Since the stone was gathered in large numbers from Sri Lanka, it is also known as the hessonite cinnamon stone.

According to our astrology Garnet is related to Rahu who is known as the commander of demon forces. This makes the gemstone essential for neutralizing the negative effects of Rahu as well as pursuing luck. It is also believed that this gemstone can solve the psychological problems caused by evil spirits. It also posses healing powers that can treat skin diseases.

Garnet has been sought out from ancient times to counter the bad luck caused by sarpa dosham. The gemstone has also been referred to in many chapters of The Holy Bible.  

Wow, this stone has so many benefits, but wait before you blindly go and buy it, it would be wise to get our Gemstone Astrology Service and find out which stone is right for you.

Who can wear it?

It is said in astrology that garnet brings wealth, pleasure, and prosperity to your life. People who can benefit by wearing it include cosmetic traders, lottery sellers, share market dealers, film and TV industry professionals, and chemical laboratory staff.

If you were born during the lagnas of edavam, Kanni, thulam, makaram, kumbham, and mithunam, then you can wear garnet, if you don’t know during which of these lagnas were you born then use our Astrologer Live Chat service to find out. Furthermore, if your birthday falls on 4, 13, 22, and 31 of any months, then you can also wear garnet, as per numerology. Acharya Aarti provides expert numerology service on astrolozer.

When you pass through the Rahu phase you can wear garnet to lead a normal life. If your birth star is chothy, thiruvathira or chathayam then garnet would be perfect for you.

Who cannot wear: –If your horoscope has Kala sarp dosham, you must not wear garnet as it will increase your pain and suffering. Similarly, if you have Rahu in the 6th, 8th, or 12th positions in your chart then, you should also not wear garnet.

How you should wear it?

You should wear garnet on Saturdays during the period of Saturn, within 1 hour from sunrise, you can fix the stone on a gold or silver base and it’s wise to wear it as a ring on the middle finger.

You can also use the stone on thiruvathira, chothy, and chathayam days which are stars ruled by Rahu, however, we would advise you to wear it only if an astrologer recommended it to you.

So you learned basic knowledge about the garnet, who can and can’t wear it? And how you should wear it? If used properly and as per the directions by an astrologer, then it can benefit you a lot in life.