Study of palm to depict information about our personality and destiny is known as palmistry. We have noticed only three lines in our hand but focusing on our hand again will discover hundreds of small lines.

Astrologer with deep study reads those lines and tells amazing information to us. But if you are able to locate those highlighted lines in your hand you can interpret a little.

Are you wishing to decode your life story which exits in your palm lines? Yes, then you are at right place. reveals the tricks in following methods:


This line is situated at upper part of hand which runs horizontally across your palm. When a palmist reads our hand the first line, he studies is Heart line. This indicates our emotional state.

A long line starting from our pinky finger to nearly index fingers shows that we are very straight forward and hates restrictions.

A short one tells egoistic behavior.

Upward bending line indicates a romantic nature whereas downward tells you are feeble personality. Not able to recognize shape of your heart line? Talk to astrologer.


Located just down from heart line between thumb and index finger this is also called wisdom line. It represents intelligence and ability to understand things. It is studied to analyze future.

If you have long head line from index finger to ring finger then you are determined to achieve success in life.

People with short line are passionate but their emotional nature works as a barrier.

Straight line shows you are materialistic and devoted in work.

If you have short head line, don’t worry. Acharya Ashish will suggest your beneficial remedies for success.


Starting from wrist and ending between thumb and index finger, Life line indicates energy and principles and health.

Long and chained line shows a sign of fine health and power.

Short and broken life often leads to unwanted accidents, diseases and other bad aspects. Get best astrology consultation online to know better about your life line.


Fate line also known as Kismat line or Saturn line. It is very hard to study and tell about good fortune and luck. Everyone is not blessed to have this line in palm. It crosses the life line and heart line running vertically.

No fate line doesn’t mean that you are out of luck it is absolutely wrong. Just in case if you are tensed about such situation talk to an astrologer online.

Small Fate line shows smooth obstacle free profession.


Also referred as relationship line, this is located under the pinky finger. Didn’t recognized? Bend you pinky finger slightly toward your palm. I am sure you discovered it now.

Since it is in very small space you may not notice the size but it has something important to tell.


Where are parents, there the children. This line is located above marriage lines and is vertically placed. With the study of this line, it is easy for you to know about future of children.

Number of lines indicates number of children. Their size revels about abortion, health, and physical appearance. Only and astrologer with deep knowledge and study can revel about children line. Get astrological reports online.

Lines are not formed without reason. They have something important to reveal. Only detailed and best astrological reports online can brief you the accurate knowledge. Uncover all the meaning and consult best palmist at