Marriage is not just a relationship between 2 people but a bond between 2 souls. Thus, it’s real weddings made in heaven, and the lucky ones live a long, happy married life. Some of us are not that lucky in marriage. Some married couples have too much conflict and fight in their lives and thus end up in divorce. 

Nowadays, the divorce rate has increased to a high amount, even in India, where there was no separation chance. Today our expert Dr. Anup M will share the astrological reasons for divorce and how you can get into the perfect married life.

Reasons for Divorce

There can be many reasons for divorce: increased women’s freedom, communication issues, conflict with in-laws, extramarital affairs, not having children, and financial mismatch. If you don’t want to face these issues, take our Marriage Astrology Prediction Service and find out who is right.

If you use the Kundli Matching service of astrology, these problems can end your life. You can even use our Online Astrologer Talk service for Kundli matching if you are busy and save time.

As per astrology, some charts have a divorce or huge, harmful influence on the 7th house, which is the house of marriages, thus matching such graphs must be avoided. While matching Kundlis regular guna matching is not enough, it should also be made sure that the placement of the Moon and Sun is perfect and the houses significant for marriage are compatible in the charts. You should only use the Best Astrology Consultation Online so that your marriage is a success. 

Several planetary placements specify divorce; some combinations decide whether the couple will get a divorce or not. Our Astrolozer can analyze these, and you can even get remedies that solve marriage problems to live a happy married life.

Important houses for marriage-

2nd house: – Your 2nd house represents Kutumba, meaning family and relatives. If there is any disorder in the 2nd house, they will have a higher chance of divorce.

4th house: – This house represents delight given by the family. The 4th house or its lord is affected by malefic planets. You will not get any joy from your family.

7th house: – This house symbolizes marriage. If this house or its lord is distressed, you will face significant issues and conflicts in your marriage, which is the main reason for divorce. An exception here is that if Jupiter bears the 7th house, then the marriage will succeed, and there will be no divorce whatsoever.

12th house: – This house represents sexual pleasures in marriage. If the lord of the 12th house or the house itself is bothered, then couples will have issues in sexual relations.

Planetary combinations that lead to a divorce

Sun: – Sun is generally considered a hot and separating planet. If Sun is placed in the 1st or 7th house, you might face issues and conflicts in marriage. If Sun and Saturn are together in the 7th house, then there are higher chances of divorce, or if Sun falls within 7 degrees of Venus, then it is likely that you will get a divorce.

Mars: The red planet Mars is frequently linked with some houses causing Manglik dosh, which many astrologers considered terrible for marriage. It is strongly advised that a person with Manglik dosh should only marry after getting his/her Kundli matched. If Mars is situated in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses in the chart, then that person has Manglik dosh, but this dosh may not always lead to divorce. A burdened Mars can lead to fights in marriage. If Mars and Saturn have problems with each other in the charts, then it can lead to significant issues in your wedding.

Saturn: – This planet is generally linked with divorce if connected with the 1st or 7th house. Saturn makes a person doubt or suspect his/her partner. Due to the nature of the planet moving slowly, it causes problems in marriage. Still, like slow poison, the result from this planet causing problems can be divorce, misunderstanding, or lifelong separation.

Rahu: – If Rahu is in the 7th house, then extramarital affairs can happen. Such couples are not happy with each other and will find happiness in another. It can lead to a break in marriage due to sexual issues.

Ketu: – It is believed that Ketu takes away your interests. If the planet is placed in the 7th house, then it takes your interest from marriage away. Couples will also not have an interest in sex if Ketu is causing problems. This malefic planet is also secretive, so if it’s affiliated with Venus, there is a chance of a wedding affair.

So if you take our services before getting married, then our professionals at Astrolozer will make sure that you only match a compatible partner.

Marriage is an auspicious event in a person’s life, but it can be a disaster and lead to divorce if the charts don’t match. Understanding and taking the help of astrology will ensure a happy married life.