Gemology is the branch of astrology that uses gems, each one of us has a different zodiac sign and with each one comes different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and issues, and to overcome that we need gemstones.

Today at astrolozer, we are going to list which gemstone you need as per your sign.  

Aries: – You are ambitious and fearless. You have the potential to become a great leader because of your passion and great mental strength. Considering all these qualities, our Astrologer has chosen the garnet stone for you as it will give you good health, name fame, and wealth.     

Taurus: – You are career-oriented and work hard towards your goals. You have a strong belief in living a luxurious life. That’s why the stone for you is opal; this stone will help you to strengthen your relationships and will endow you with the luxuries that you want. You can also get a Free Chat with Astrologer for any kind of problems that you are facing.     

Gemini: – Since you are hyperactive and mentally active, the gemstone for you is jade as it will help you tackle your fiery nature. The stone will also help you to calm down, create balance in your emotions, promote peace, wisdom and will remove all negativity in your life.  

Cancer: – You are instinctive and can read the energies of a group of people or a person around you and for that, the moonstone is perfect for you. It will bring you success in business and love life; it will also enhance your creativity and intuition. 

Leo: – You are the dominating and overshadowing one in your relationships, your extremely ambitious nature may sometimes take the toll on your mind and hormones. To overcome all that our Astrolozer has recommended you the red spinel since it reduces stress anxiety and depression in the wearer.      

Virgo: – You are a great planner and a very supportive person. You use a lot of mental energy that needs to be renewed and the green tourmaline is going to do that for you. As additional benefits, the stone will help you with self-realization, self-reliance, improve financial position and status.   

Libra: – You are talented, but also emotionally disturbed and confused. You are generous, hardworking, creative, and a perfectionist. Considering all these strengths and weaknesses that you have, the white quartz stone is great for you as it reduces anxiety, stress, and anger while boosting strategic thinking ability.   

Scorpio: – The good thing about you is that you can read people, you are passionate and determined, and expect others to be like you, but since you use your mental and physical energy excessively, it can sometimes make you overly tired. To face such issues you need carnelian stone since it improves luck, fertility, boosts self-confidence, and increases physical stamina.    

Sagittarius: – You are ambitious, hardworking, adventurous, warm, friendly, loving and you are always surrounded by loved ones. This year your stone is citrine as it can help you keep calm and composed, it will also increase positive energy, promote self-esteem; boosts confidence, individuality, and personal experience.    

Capricorn: – You are confident and believe that you can conquer the world at once and with that in mind, you put over-effort into your work and end up becoming exhausted, this can make you suffer from mental health issues, that’s why amethyst is the right stone for you, as it promotes creative thinking, removes restlessness and can help you realize your inner strength.       

Aquarius: – You are a great thinker and have unique mental abilities, but you are also very secretive, introverted, rarely communicate with anyone, and are emotionally unstable, you need to balance your energies and for that, you need iolite stone.     

Pisces: – You have strong mental and spiritual desires; your good qualities include being wise, active, and energy absorbent, thus the yellow topaz stone is best for you as it will help you get prosperity and stability in your life.

Each one of us has a different problem and each problem has a different gemstone solution, your trust in gemology and your gemstone will always help you win over your issues and challenges in life.