After deep studies of planets, birth time, birth place and other factors our natal chart is prepared. It tells how our life is going to be on the basis of planetary positions, present karmas and most importantly outcomes of past life karmas.

Do you know your past life can affect current life? Past life astrology uses our birth chart to reveal the secrets of past life connected with present life. Hindu astrology not only works on changing planetary positions but also on changing karmas of our previous and current life.

Sometimes we wonder why a born baby suffers from various wrong things. Past life astrology can explain such things.

Ways to understand your past life with planetary positions

There are certain planetary positions in our birth chart which tells the connection with past life. Read following mentioned points to know more.

01. In our horoscope if four planets of same or higher zodiac signs are situated then congratulation, we our reborn after being famous personality in past life.

02. If four planets of low zodiac signs are present in our horoscope then cause of person’s death in past life is murder or suicide.

03. If planet Venus is placed in first or seventh house then we was a king in past life.

04. We were a monk in past life, if in our horoscope Jupiter is positioned high, looking at first house.

05. If in our birth chart, Saturn is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th and 11th then we were a part of lower caste family.

06. Position of mars in 6th, 7th and 10th house indicates that we were short temper in past life.

To find such planetary combinations which tells secrets about your past life talk to astrologer online.

Significance of horoscope and past life with present karma

A chart which represents the position of astrological planets, aspects, and divines our life information is known as horoscope. Our doshas and yogas are calculated on the basis of our horoscope which is interconnected with past life and past life can’t be changed. The type of life which we lead depends on our Sanchit Karma.

We carry both good and bad energies and results of planets situated in our natal chart. Blessings of benefic planets in our horoscope shows the outcomes of good deeds we performed in past life.
Whereas if our birth chart has presence of negative doshas it is said that we performed some bad deeds in past life. Some negative doshas like pitru dosh and kaal sarp dosh have a deep connection with past life deeds.

But it is possible to transform your negative doshas into positive yogas with karma correction. Get online astrologer consultation to get the benefits of yogas.

Various combinations and position of planets is an evidence to prove the connection of past life astrology to current life. Deeds can’t be changed but their effects can be reduced to an extent with karma rectifying. Hence it can be concluded that past life has a relationship present’s life horoscope.