According to Hindu astrology, planets play a very important role to shape our life. Different planetary combinations and their placements in various houses are studied to find future prospective which can show both results destructive or favorable.

Some planets are beneficial and bring good results for us, while some are malefic which are thought to bring bad luck and misfortune in our life. Name of some inauspicious planets are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are referred as shadow planets. This means they don’t have any materialistic or independent identity. They both move in a retrograde motion. Their positions in birth chart can bring negative results in our lives.

Only rare positions of them can result in favorable conditions for us. To find circumstances when malefic planets can give you positive results talk to astrologer online.

Know how Rahu and Ketu came into existence

As I mentioned above, Rahu and Ketu don’t have any physical existence a question arises, how they originated. Let me explain it with the help of Hindu mythology.

Rahu and Ketu came into existence during churning of sea. When elixir was acquired from samundar manthan it was given to god to gain immortality. But a devil dresses up as god sat between sun and moon to gain eternal life.

Soon sun and moon realized the demon and complained about it to Lord Vishnu. With the sudarshan chakra Lord Vishnu separated the demon, but he drank enough honeydew to gain immortality.

With this his physical existence came to an end but head of the devil was recognized as Rahu and body as Ketu.

Unpleasant effects of Rahu

Malefic planet Rahu represents mental illness, laziness, theft, financial loss and famine death of family members. It promotes quarrels between our family and professional relationships. It can lead to breathing problems and other skin infections. Find if you are suffering from Rahu dasha with online astrologer consultation.

Unpleasant effects of Ketu

Malefic planet Ketu creates many health problems related to lungs, brain and intestine. Other difficulties like loss of ancestors’ property, short temper, false pride, inferior relationships can arise. Find if you have Ketu Dasha by free astrology consultancy.

Astrological remedies to overcome bad effects of Rahu

• Since Rahu causes financial loss, worshiping Goddess Durga will help us to gain monetary wealth.
• Wearing dark blue color clothes is suggested.
• Mix a cup of ray milk in bucket of water and bath from that combination every day.
• Keeping fast on Saturday is suggested.
• Donating food items especially rice to poor and needy people is advised by astrolozer.
• Worshiping Lord Shiva to avoid famine death.

Astrological remedies to overcome bad effects of Ketu

• Donating blankets and woolen clothes to poor can help us to finish harmful results of Ketu.
• Yellow colored clothes should be preferred
• Prefer silver cutlery and plates to eat food.
• Worshiping Lord Ganesh concluded ill effects of Ketu.
• Keep fast on Tuesday and Saturday

These were the common results and remedies for Rahu Ketu. Every zodiac sign can experience different results of Rahu and Ketu mahadasha. If you want personalized solutions for Rahu Ketu based on your zodiac signs, you need online astrology consultation.