We all want it to end, don’t we? The corona pandemic had hit the world in March 2020, putting everything to a stop, markets were closed, people became unemployed, and the worst part is that we all have lost someone close, if not, have suffered from this virus. In short, it’s a disaster.

It has been more than one year since this pandemic has taken over; there have been various forecasts about when this pandemic will end, putting everything back to routine, but none of these can be more accurate than the predictions by astrologers.

Today we will look at the different predictions about when this virus will end in India? Our experts have made these predictions at astrolozer, where you can get solutions to all your problems via Astrologer live chat. Now let us look at these predictions. 

Prediction by Acharya Suresh K

According to Acharya Suresh K, the 2nd wave hit India because our prime minister, Narendra Modi’s planetary transitions, did not favor him, especially Jupiter, which became weak from 6th April. All of this is the reason for the current situation that we are facing. If you want to know astrological remedies to be safe from the virus during the 2nd wave, take our online astrologer talk service today.

He has also forecasted that we should be ready for a 3rd wave of the coronavirus around November 2021, but it will not be as dangerous as the previous phase. It is because the planets will be firm for our country, and our prime minister’s planets will heal; these two factors will counter the virus’s harmful effects.

Prediction by Acharya Shailender A

Our other expert Acharya Shailender A has predicted that the second wave will be the most dangerous between 15th May and 24th June; he also said that many deaths would occur during this time, so we should take all precautions. You can also take the help of our Astrologer in India to know how likely it is for you or your family members to get infected so that you can prepare in advance; our expert will also tell you solutions that can help you stay safe.

Acharya Shailender A also added that things might be under control around 24th June; however, according to him, we may have to prepare ourselves for another wave during December and February next year.

Prediction by Acharya Sandeep P

Our expert at astrolozer has forecasted that the virus will undoubtedly weaken after 20th July this year because the pratyantar Dasha of the dangerous planet Jupiter is till 10th July and 1st shadashtak position of Saturn and Mars will stay till 20th July. 

After studying India’s horoscope this year, he concluded that on 20th September, Rahu would move into Sun’s Nakshatra. Since the Sun happens to be a fiery planet, this transition will help to diminish the virus.

The 2nd wave of coronavirus has taken us by storm. It has been more than a year since we have suffered from this virus, however as per predictions by our Astrologers, we can conclude that the virus will end soon.