A writer plays a very important role in changing society because he or she is a person who understands all aspects of life. Overall a writer knows life and thus his works can teach us how to live a good life.

A writer understands the different emotions of life because of having a strong imagination. Writers coming from different walks of life have insights into the mindsets of different kinds of people. Writers have the solution to every problem in society. Various types of writers write on different topics such as fiction, sports, entertainment, etc. 

Today our Astrologer Dr. Brij MohanS will discuss astrology and writers, our expert will tell you the characteristics of writers based on planets and the planetary combinations required to become a writer. You can find out whether you can become a writer not, by reading this blog.

Characteristics based on planets

These planets represent and influence characteristics found in authors around the globe. If these planets are not key in your horoscope then you will do well in some other profession, find out a suitable profession via the Best Astrology Consultation Online.

  1. Moon represents intuition, imagination, and visualization.
  2. Mercury symbolizes writing skills, reasoning, and intellect.
  3. Jupiter represents exceptional writing skills and reserves mental energy.
  4. Saturn influences analysis and deep thinking.
  5. The planet Venus represents creativity, style, and sophistication.

In your horoscope, the key planet and specific yoga influence your writing skill. As per astrology Moon and Mercury enhance comedy, fiction, poetry, and drama. Saturn influences analytical and pessimistic writing. Venus symbolizes writing skills in art, fashion, and romance, and Jupiter and Mars influence logical and versatile writing skills.

Other than that the houses in your horoscope also play an important role in your writing. The key houses are Lagna, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th houses. Know more about your houses from our Astrologer in India.

Planetary combinations to become an author  

If you want to become a writer, then your horoscope should have one of these combinations.

  1. When your Lagna, Lagna lord, and 3rd house, 3rd lord are related to Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, and 10th house then you can become a writer.
  2. If you have Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus in the 10th house, you will become a writer.
  3. If you want to become an academic writer, then you must have a combination of Sun, Venus, and Mercury combination in your 2nd, 4th, and 5th houses.
  4. If you have lord of the 4th house, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in your own house praised in Kendra or Kona, then you can become an author.
  5. Placement of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in the 9th house is required for you to become a writer.
  6. If your horoscope has Mercury Jupiter and Mercury placed in the 2nd or 10th house, then you can become a writer.
  7. If you want to become an illustrious writer then you should have lord of the 5th house in your 9th house.
  8. If you have Sun in Virgo then it’s good for your writing skills.
  9. Having the lord of the 10th house in Navamsa of Mercury is good for you if you want to become a writer.

Other than the houses 3 yogas also influence writing skills. If any of these yogas are present in your horoscope then you can become a writer. Our astrologers can tell you more about yogas, visit astrolozer and use our services, but before you go, please read about the 3 yogas that influence writing skills.

Saraswati yoga: – This is when Venus, Mercury, and Benefic Jupiter occupy kendras or trikonas either singly or jointly. Jupiter must be strong in its praising or friendly sign.

Gandharva yoga: – In Gandharva yoga, the lord of the 10th house is in the 3rd, 7th, and 11th house with Lagna lord and Jupiter. Sun should also be praised and Moon should be placed in the 9th house to achieve Gandharva yoga.

Kalanidhi Yoga: – This is when Jupiter is in the 2nd or 5th house in the rasi of Venus or Mercury.

Writers are a very important part of society, many have the potential to become writers, but these people also need to know the Astrological combinations required to become an exceptional writer.