It may look easy on the surface, but the life of students is also hard and full of challenges, let’s face it, we all have been or are going through this phase in our lives and we know that being a student is not the toughest part of our lives, but it’s not that easy going either.

The biggest challenge faced by a student is exams that are conducted every year as nowadays there is competition even in school exams and students compete to score higher marks and to achieve great results studying is key. 

As per Vastu Shastra, there are rules for the study room as well that you should follow to achieve good marks. Don’t believe us? Chat With Astrologers Online and see how following his/her advice brings you great results. Today our expert in Vastu Shastra, Acharya Dev R will tell you some Vastu remedies that you can follow to study better and get excellent results.

Vastu remedies for students

If you are a student who has failed to achieve good marks every time, no matter how hard you study or are getting good marks but want to improve your result, then these tips are for you. These tips have been collected by our experienced professionals at Astrolozer and are highly effective. 

Thus Following our tips will give you better results in your 2021 exams. If you want more Vastu Shastra tips, then feel free to use our Astrologer Live Chat service.

Study table placement: – It is of utmost importance that your study room attracts positive vibrations only. To remove any obstacles, you should make sure that your desk is not placed in the middle of the room or is facing the wall. If your study desk is facing your door it can break your concentration from studies.

As per Vastu Shastra, the northeast direction is the best for placing your study desk with your seating space facing the window. It is also good if you place a mirror on its left.

Right colors for the study room: – It is amazing to know how colors can change our mood, colors are a very crucial part of our lives and our study room. For a peaceful study environment, you should select shades of grey or white for your study room as these colors symbolize mental accuracy and increase thinking power. 

Other options for you would be the water symbolizing colors like blue or black. Colors such as green, light green, cream, and pastel blue help in keeping the mind calm. But you must avoid darker shades as darker colors spread negativity.

Make your study space elegant: – We at Astrolozer believe that Feng Shui elements and symbols have magical powers, metal elements such as wind chimes or tubular chimes provide great decoration for your study room, but these can also remove negativity from your study room, placing a crystal sphere near the window invites good energy.

If you want to increase your knowledge, then placing an amethyst tree in the northeast corner is advisable. Other Feng Shui objects such as crystal balls, hematite, or the laughing Buddha in your room bring positivity.

Make your study space bright: – Studying in a bright corner will make you a bright student and there is a strong reason for that in Vastu Shastra. Bright lights remove all the darkness as per Feng Shui theory and thus increase the chances for you to achieve your goals. You must make sure that there is a table lamp that provides maximum light while you study and you are advised to not use colorful lights while studying.

Making your study space elegant and bright, choosing the right colors for your study room, and properly placing your study table will help you achieve great results in your exams.