Jai Shri Ganesha!! Let us begin with our series on planets. In this blog, we would try to explore and know about the planet Sun as much as possible. To be a good astrologer, it is of paramount importance that we understand the nature of each planet very well and later each Rashi (Sign) very well. The better we understand the nature of Planets and Signs, the stronger foundation we would have. At least by started learning and knowing some basics, you would be able to understand the point which an Astrologer wants to put across, or you may raise a query about specific placements in your chart to understand them. It would be exciting and fun once you start learning how each planet behaves, and they impact us. Now let us examine and know about the planet Sun.

If you want to know the nature of any planet, you can straight away come to know by looking at its characteristics in general. Sun is in the center of our universe, and all the planets, including earth, rotate around the Sun. It is because of the Sun that life can exist on the earth. No doubt, it is has been given the designation of King and soul in astrology since once the soul is out, the body is of no use. Likewise, we cannot imagine this universe without Sun. The planet Sun in astrology has a pivotal role. It as the most powerful and authoritative planet,and in general, it signifies power, position, and authority. You would have generally seen that any authority ultimately rests with the Government, so for getting in any government-related job, function, etc., Sun plays a very vital role in the chart. There are many festivals and Temples dedicated to Sun. The Chhatt festival of Bihar is quite famous for the worship of Sun. The Sun temple in Odisha is one of the most famous temples in the world, and people from far-off places of the world do visit this temple every year.

Although Sun is a luminary,it has been designated as a planet for the purpose of astrology. If the planet Sun is powerful in the birth chart of any person, then such a person has an authoritative personality, and they generally like to rule over others. You would from far know such types of persons since the other persons in their presence would be sincere and would give them the utmost respect and would not try to disobey them. The native would have such an authoritative aura which no one would challenge. The native will be the center of attention. If the planet Sun is powerful enough in the natal chart, then the career, especially Government related career, would run very smoothly.

Good results of Sun is promised when it is exalted, own signed,or in a friendly sign.It will give you the power to influence and command the people like a leader whom people follow without any persuasion. The powerful Sun in the birth chart is a boon for the politicians, physicians, administrators, and managers.

The planet Sun is the most potent planet as Hindu predictive astrology says. However, it is essential that the planet Sun should be well placed and free from any affliction in the birth chart.If the planet is ill-placed, the native will suffer a lot. The native could suffer from health issues, financial issues, and social issues etc.It is particularly harmful to the people who are in the field are looking forward to career into politics, government jobs, and medical science. An ill-placed Sun can create skin and ocular diseases.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Mercury is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our online astrologer to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your chart.

Transit in each sign 1 month
 Direction  East
 Metal  Gold
 Gem  Ruby
 Day  Sunday
 Color Orange
 Temperament Hot
 Gender Male
Ruling Body Part Heart, hair, head, bones, eyes, and overall health
Status in Imperial Stars
Friends Jupiter, Moon, Mars
Enemies Venus, Saturn
Neutral Mercury
Own Sign Leo
Exalted in Aries 10 Degree
Debilitated in Libra 10 Degree
Mool Trikon Leo 20 Degree
Mahadasha Period 6 Years
Relation Father
Professions Government sector jobs, politicians, physicians, medicines, wheat, gold, copper, and ruby related.