Jai Shri Ganesha!! Continuing our series of planets today, we are going to have a look at the planet moon, and we would try to understand and know about it. As we discussed that although it Moon would not qualify exactly to be a planet but still in astrology, the heavenly objects that influence us have been designated as a planet. Moon is a natural satellite; it is considered as the planet as it directly impacts human fate and fortune.

Moon represents various things in our horoscope, but the foremost thing it represents is our sub-conscious mind. A person influenced by Moon usually would have tender ways, and they would be sensitive, guarding their feelings from the outside world. They live in their world and have a very fertile imagination. They are dreamy and romantic by nature. If you across any such person, you can deduct that such person somewhere or other is influenced by Moon.

There are various important Rajayogasthat are looked at by seeing the Moon. The importance of Moon is such that many astrologers give much significance to Moon Chart also.

However, an afflicted moon can be horrible in the Chart. Since it represents your sub-conscious mind, a person with Moon with bad placement in the Chart of afflicted can be very damaging. It is usually seen that such persons would worry about unnecessary things and are also become very, very superstitious. If the Moon if severally afflicted, it can cause a lot of emotional problems to the native, including madness.

There are various remedial measures when the planet Mercury is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our online astrologer to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your Chart.

The general significators/characteristics of the planet Sun in Vedic astrology

 Transit in each sign 2.5 days
 Direction North-west
 Metal Silver
 Gem Pearl
 Day Monday
 Color White
 Temperament Cold
 Gender Female
Ruling Body Part Bodily Fluids
Status in Imperial Stars Queen
Friends Sun, Mars, Jupiter
 Enemies None
Neutral Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Own Sign Cancer
 Exalted in Taurus
Debilitated in Scorpio
MoolTrikon Taurus
Mahadasha Period 10 years
Relation Mother
Professions Liquid, dairy products, shipping, navy, water-related, cotton textile, music, poetry, beauty, sculpture, drawing etc.