Jai Shri Krishna!! Today we are going to contemplate the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is a first-rate benefit. A well placed Jupiter in the Chart can ward off many evil effects from the Chart. Jupiter is considered as a Minister in the cabinet of a planet and deals with Wisdom in a person. Jupiter usually represents the spiritual outlook towards life, higher intellect, and also bestowing the much-needed luck on the native. It is an expansive planet and bestows everything in abundance.

A person influences by Jupiter have usually had an interest in faith, religion, philosophy, and the search for the ultimate truth of life. It represents the intrinsic curiosity to find the ultimate answers about life and death, Moksha, and to uplift oneselfspiritually. Such persons have high interests in learning and understanding the scriptures. These persons also try to understand the different outlooks and thus explore the world in the process. Foreign travel comes under the domain of this planet. In Vedic astrology, itis considered to be the most benefic of all planets and a natural significator of luck, fortune, and wealth. Its benefic presence and its good period can even turn a beggar to riches.

However, a person with a weak Jupiter may suffer terribly in life. A person with weak Jupiter may suffer a lack of higher knowledge, disrespecting the religious customs, would be involved in immoral acts, etc. The person may suffer from family life also. Luck would fail to help this person, and such person may also suffer from disrespect in society

There are various remedial measures when the planet Jupiter is afflicted, debilitated, and ill-placed. Please feel free to contact our astrologers to get an understanding of the placement of planets in your Chart.

The general significators/characteristics of the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology

 Transit in each sign 1 year 1 month
 Direction North-east
 Metal Gold
 Gem Yellow Sapphire
 Day Thursday
 Color Yellow
 Temperament Cold, Benevolent
 Gender Neutral
Ruling Body Part Liver, large Intestine, Kidney, Fat
Status in Imperial Stars Minister/Advisor
Friends Sun, Moon, Mars
 Enemies Venus, Mercury
Neutral Saturn
Own Sign Sagittarius, Pisces
 Exalted in Cancer
Debilitated in Capricorn
MoolTrikon Sagittarius
Mahadasha Period 16 Years
Relation Teacher, Elderly People, Grand Parents
Professions Teaching, preaching, law, judgment, banking, finance, philosophy, occult, advisory, and healing.